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We deliver, everyday, all day!!

Ice for sale in Gansbaai and surrounding area.

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More Info

We sell ice in and around the Gansbaai area.

The specs of the ice we sell is as follows:

1. It comes in a sealed (not by hand) bag with contents weighing 2,27kg.

2. It is factory packed, thus meaning no "hands on" packing.

3. Factory is certified by the department of health.

4. The ice is ultra purified.

5. The water goes through a 5 stage filtration process

6. Crystal clear

7. Guaranteed taste free.

8. Longer Lasting, Slower melting

There is 13% extra free in each bag, meaning you only pay for 2kg and not 2,27kg

We deliver for free in the near Gansbaai Area. 

Minimum of 5 packets per order.

We guarantee that we will never run out of stock, in or out of season.

Strict C.O.D terms

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