Leave It To The Beavers

Jolie Fleur offers residents in the greater Gansbaai area a convenient tree felling and pruning service. Using modern climbing and cutting tools, Jolie Fleur will fell trees that have become safety hazards, clear bushes and trees that are dominating your vacant piece of land, prune trees and bushes that look shabby, and provide a specialized topiary service that will leave your garden looking like a well-sculpted work of art. An added plot maintenance service that encompasses everything from the clearance of unwanted and unkempt vegetation, to the general upkeep of the plot, is also at your disposal.

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Jolie Fleur offers several services that will keep your trees and hedges looking as if they came straight out of a botanical garden.

  • Tree and shrub felling
  • Tree and shrub trimming
  • Tree and shrub pruning
  • Topiary (the art of pruning bushes and trees into specific shapes)
  • Storm damage felling / tidying / clearing and disposal
  • Tree stump removal
  • Alien invader removal
  • Plot clearing for building sites
Why you should trim your trees

One of the best reasons to take advantage of Jolie Fleur’s tree pruning services is to give your trees and bushes a makeover and to help your yard look its best. When you get your trees trimmed and your bushes pruned, it’s like giving them a haircut. With a little trimming, pruning and topiary you can be sure your garden will be a tranquil outdoor area you will want to spend time in. Be inspired with the following five reasons you should give Jolie Fleur a call:

1.Tree Growth

  • Your tree will be able to withstand much harsher weather conditions once it has been pruned. When a professional uses the proper technique, pruning a tree has the ability to make the roots stronger, allowing new branches to grow.

2. Fruit Production

  • By removing dead branches you are bettering the health of your tree. This stimulates the growth of spurs on fruit trees which will produce fruit the following year.

3. Hazardous branches

  • Pruning your tree removes dead or damaged branches that can fall on someone or something.

4. Treats Disease

  • Trees contract diseases just like humans. Through pruning you can prevent the disease from spreading to the rest of the tree and, most importantly, other trees in your garden.

5. Improve the vista

  • Vista pruning removes branches that block the view of beautiful, naturally occurring landscapes.  


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