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Join the holistic movement towards modern-living and invest in a pint-sized eco-friendly home, built by, M-HOUSES. M-HOUSES is based in Baardskeerdersbos about 20 km outside of Gansbaai. Enjoy the stress-free pleasure of downscaling to an overall lower cost of living in the Overberg, when you embark on an uncomplicated minimalistic lifestyle. Husband and wife team Roland Murzl and Nina Schein-Murzl design, manufacture and construct elegant prefabricated MINI HOUSES that provide multifunctional living spaces. Your MINI HOUSE can be used either as a stand-alone, clustered or fully self-sufficient off the grid solution. MINI HOUSES are built using the highest-quality building materials that leave a minimal carbon footprint on the planet.

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After Roland Murzl and Nina Schein-Murzl moved to the Overberg, they realised that there was a definite need for small eco-friendly PODhouses such as the one they had built for themselves on their farm in Baardskeerdersbos just outside Gansbaai.

Roland had years of hands-on experience in the building industry and had specialised on large building projects and developments that included the construction of factories and shopping centres. After this fast-paced career, he decided it was time to downscale and focus on a less hurried lifestyle. 

And so, a petite concept was born, and that concept was M-HOUSES.

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MINI HOUSES are available in four sizes:

  • Standard - 4m x 10m
  • Extra Width - 5m x 10m
  • Standard Half Units - 4m x 5m
  • Extra Width Half Units - 5m x 5m


When you buy an M-HOUSE MINI HOUSE, you buy the shell of your MINI HOUSE and with it, the freedom of choice as to where you want to put it, and how you want to customize it. 

What to Expect 

Time-wise, you can expect an M-HOUSE project to take approximately three months (from your initial deposit to the handover your house-keys).

Roland will conduct an in-depth consultation that includes a full-site assessment, where all the natural elements are taken into consideration when deciding on the best possible location for your new home. Your MINI HOUSE is then expertly manufactured at SURYA Farm after which the actual assembly takes place on your property. 
If the intended location needs to be excavated this can be arranged by M-HOUSES as they do have the necessary equipment. 
To start the process of owning your own MINI HOUSE contact M-HOUSES to arrange a consultation.

How it is Built

A typical MINI HOUSE is built using a choice of sustainable materials that include but are not limited to:

  • Spruce wood
  • SA pine
  • ISO-therm
  • Stone and corrugated metal
  • Aluminium doors and frames
  • Double glazing (on request)
  • Plumbing points
  • Powerpoints
  • Structural steel base
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Off the Grid

Off the Grid


M-HOUSES offer an added service whereby they can advise and also prep your new home for the off-grid living.

For more information about going totally off-the-grid contact Roland at M-HOUSES directly.

7 reasons to invest in a MINI HOUSE

7 reasons to invest in a MINI HOUSE

M-HOUSES welcomes you to the world of MINI HOUSES. MINI HOUSES are the way to go when it comes to modern, forward-thinking housing solutions. 

Here are 7 reasons why you should consider investing in a MINI HOUSE:

  1. MINI HOUSES are built in a much shorter space of time than a regular build
  2. MINI HOUSES are holistically more sustainable and eco-friendly than conventional house building methods
  3. MINI HOUSES are energy-efficient
  4. MINI HOUSES are a fast and more affordable solution when you need extra space such as a guest apartment or studio
  1. MINI HOUSES are the answer to a lock-up-and-go lifestyle for peace of mind
  2. MINI HOUSES are permitted on farms subject to the local council regulations
  3. MINI HOUSES are easily added on to



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