Wear your penguin best and March for the Penguins!

Sat, 21/12/2019, 08H00 - 09H00

The African Penguin and Seabird Sanctuary (APSS) is excited to host it's third, annual March for the Penguins. We are Marching for the Penguins because we need to #Beat2026 – the projected date for the disappearance of the African penguin from our coastal landscape.

A penguin’s walk is more like a waddle, but did you know that this back and forth motion is actually an efficient use of energy for the penguin? So, whether you waddle, walk, wander or run, just be sure to have FUN.

This is an untimed run, but there are still amazing prizes to be won.

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What are we trying to achieve

Yes, we want to have some FUN, but what are we trying to achieve:

  • Fundraising - Caring for our penguin patients is a costly affair, every extra penny we raise through events will ultimately contribute to the cause.
  • Awareness - The only way to prevent the plummeting population numbers, is by effecting change. Change becomes reality when people are informed about issues. It is our responsibility to educate people about the pressures on the penguins specifically and the greater environment in general. We use events like this to spread the word and to affect change.
What does the event entail?

There is a "Waddle, walk, wander or run but have some fun" main event. A 5 km scenic walk or run along the Kleinbaai coast.

We plan to add some frosting to the walk with additional attractions. This includes:

  • Challenging families and groups to dress like a penguin, with prizes for the best penguin impression. Participants will be encouraged to display the African penguin black and white colours.
  • A Caricaturist to capture the family fun.
  • A world renowned kite maker, flying philosaurusses, zombie chickens, an octopus, and various other objects to brighten the day.
  • Health & Active Spin-a-thon "penguins", because all events need "spinning".
  • A #ThumbsUpForPenguins campaign - showing support for the penguins by "penguinifying" your thumb nail.
  • There will be eats & drinks to fortify the penguin participants.
  • Our conservation partners will be on hand to have the conservation conversation.
  • The normal coffee, cake  & curio's will be available inside the APSS. Remember that one can observe the penguin feeding time at 3pm.
What do we need

We would love for you to be part of this penguin party. We hope to reach our target of 500 entrants and to make this happen we need your support.

  • As always we need financial support and any financial contributions towards the costs of this event will be appreciated. These costs include the hire of the normal event paraphernalia like a tent, sound system and chairs.
  • Sponsor some lucky draw prizes.
  • Promote the event through the various channels available to you.
  • Volunteer your services - we need marshals, water table assistants and people to help manage the various activities.
  • Join us on the day, bring your family and friends, babies in prams and dogs on leashes. Wear your penguin best and March for the Penguins.

None of our work is possible without the support of our private and corporate donors, and the invaluable support of the tourism industry.

If you are willing to contribute to this "penguin party", please contact Brenda du Toit to discuss your contribution.

Prize Categories

Prizes for:

  • Best "penguinfied" running/walking gear. (If all else fails, wear black & white)
  • Best "penguinfied" family/group entry (4 Participants)
  • Best penguin poster
  • Best "Waddle" impressionist
  • Biggest smile



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