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MCM Gas & Handyman Services in Gansbaai service residential homes and businesses throughout the Overberg and West Coast. They specialize in the installation and inspection of gas systems and gas units. Projects are all personally handled by business owner Mario van Zyl, who uses all the latest techniques and technology to ensure impeccable value-added service. MCM Gas & Handyman Services also offer a number of home and garden maintenance services, such as garden services, rubble removal and the painting of houses. Additionally, Mario is on standby for any emergency gas related call-outs on Saturdays. MCM Gas & Handyman Services do not deliver gas.

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Mario van Zyl is your go-to-guy when it comes to all things to do with gas, and is well versed in the gas industry. Mario is more than willing to advise clients on the gas systems that will best suit their needs. Moreover, safety is paramount and informing clients about the rules and regulations that apply when going gas, is a must for him. An open communication channel between Mario and his clients is present from the day they meet and only closes once the job is done and the client is fully satisfied.



MCM Gas & Handyman Services offer a wide range of services which include:

  • Gas installation 
  • Gas inspection
  • Painting (interior and exterior)
  • Waterproofing
  • Rubble removal
  • Plumbing
  • Gardening
  • High-pressure water cleaning (roofs, walls and pavements)
  • Gutter cleaning 
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MCM Gas & Handyman Services do not deliver gas.  

Why Go Gas?

Why Go Gas?

Debating if you should use a gas-powered appliance rather than a conventional electrically powered appliance burdens the minds of many business and homeowners.

Why you should choose gas:

  • Gas is environmentally friendly. Natural gas burns much cleaner than the coal that is used to generate electricity.
  • It’s cheaper to run. Natural gas is the least costly compared to other fossil fuels like petrol that's prices rise and drop unpredictably.
  • Gas reliable. When severe storms hit your gas-powered appliances/unit will not be impacted in the case of a power outage.
  • Gas is highly efficient. It’s the most efficient source of energy for the generation of heating and electricity.
  • It’s safe. Natural gas has an odorant added to it so when a gas nozzle is not tightened correctly or there is a gas leak you will immediately smell it.   
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