Blog: 7 June - 6 July 2017 Brochure

Published: 02 June 2017

Have a look at the great deals on our Brochure for 7 June - 6 July 2017.

  • Night Owl available on Top Up data packages.
  • NEW SAMSUNG GALAXY S8 | S8+ in store NOW!
  • Insure against loss, theft, and damage with DECIVE INSURANCE from only R20PM.
  • Our new Smart+ and Smart Top Up+ plans now with 60% more value.
  • Get the Apple advantage with these iPhone deals.
  • Double Data for the first 3 Months on RED Plan Packages Only.
  • Let your family celebrate with more data value from LG.
  • The Ultimate gaming experience with more value.
  • Upgrade to Platinum warranty on HP Devices
  • Prepaid & Lay-Bye Offers.

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