Special: 20% Discount For All SA Residents

Town: Gansbaai
Starts: March 01, 2020
Expires: July 31, 2020
By: Shark Encounters

20% Discount For All SA Residents

Experience an exhilarating and educational shark cage dive in Gansbaai, South Africa. Get up close and personal with the apex predator of the ocean, the great white shark and meet the fascinating bronze whaler shark.


We ask that you arrive an hour earlier for check-in, a meal, and time for a safety briefing before you are kitted up and head to sea. We have strict launching times.

You will be on sea for approximately three hours and we aim to give everyone the same experience and time in the cage, but we are dependent on shark activity.

Our white sharks patrol the shallow areas so it is often there that we will position our vessel. In the winter season, we may work around the island system. We position our boat where the sharks are found. As a shark does not need to surface to breathe, they are not an easy animal to observe, so we attract the sharks to the boat with a method called chumming. Chum is a mixture of fish oils or fish by products not used in the fishing industry. It is mixed with seawater and then put back into the ocean. This produces a scent trail extending from our boat that sharks in the area pick up on and then will start to approach. There is no feeding of sharks.

Once the sharks are around the boat, we use a bait or decoy to keep the shark’s attention and do our best to give you an underwater view of this incredible animal.

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