An Equine Facilitated Regenerative Retreat

Thu, 16/02/2023, 17H00 - Sun, 19/02/2023, 16H00

Ever thought about the power and wisdom there could be in walking beside a horse as soul friend? Fascinated by horses, but no desire to ride? Together with the horses, step onto a path of listening deeply with your body, connecting strongly with your heart and recovering your soul’s joy. Safely facilitated interactions with a herd of empowered horses offer you equine wisdom of power and freedom. Be equipped with tools and techniques to fuel your energy and build mental fitness. The result: deeper empathy, understanding and greater personal resilience — An emerging into vibrance!

“What happens when we step off our high horses and walk beside these powerful yet sensitive beings?” – Leif Hallberg, Walking the Way of the Horse.

Necks out for adventure!

Spend time walking in the beauty of nature with a horse as soul friend, while accessing their language and wisdom to deepen your understanding of your inner landscape, while feeling grounded, comforted and freed within a non-judgmental relationship. This invitation to reflect brings joy, and a strengthening of body, mind and spirit.

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February 16 - 19, 2023

  • R 7,600.00 – Per Person Sharing
How it works:

How it works:

The weekend is facilitated by a gentle, wise and responsive herd of empowered horses, with the support of two human facilitators who are trained and highly experienced in natural horsemanship, process work, counselling, social work and life coaching. All interactions with the horses take place with feet on the ground – there is no horse riding. Boundaries will be honoured and safety put first, for both humans and horses. There is always a deep appreciation and awareness for all the elements at play, and a respectful approach to one another, the weather and all of nature.

The Venue:

The Venue:

This retreat will be held at The Wild Pod, an Eco Villa surrounded by nature on Bodhi Khaya’s land. You will be sleeping in a Podlet, a wooden A-frame cabin with 2 single beds. This will be shared with another participant, unless you request a Podlet to yourself at an additional surcharge. The Podlets have access to the main retreat space, with 2 communal bathrooms, a yoga room, lounge and kitchen/dining area.

Your Facilitators:

Your Facilitators:

Liesl Van Zyl and Kirsten Neke have known one another for a wonderful ‘lifetime’. They each share their lives with an incredible herd of horses. Together they facilitate Soul Journeys with Horses.

Liesl: Life Enhancer | Equine Facilitated Wellness Practitioner | Passionate Social Worker in private practice. Helping others thrive is my true passion. Facilitating hands-on healing, counselling, therapy and coaching, with the help of horses, my calling. Being in nature in the company of herds of horses doing the above makes my heart sing. I have the profound privilege to harness over 20+ years’ experience as a social worker, equine facilitated mental health professional, play therapist, master trainer and personal development coach to help empower people to live fully. I am driven to create a compassionate space for you to be able to cope with and heal from traumatic events, life challenges, and to grow psycho-spiritually strong and full of vitality.

Kirsten: My passion as an Equine Facilitated Life Coach and Ecologist (PhD) is to strengthen your connection to self and others, to nature, and as a consequence, to your Joy of Life. Equine facilitated coaching offers a non-judgemental space to ask the questions that you may have avoided or to allow the emotions that you have hidden. Working in partnership with horses, I catalyse fresh and profound insight and transformation. I bring to my coaching my intuition, my passion and inspiration, and my integrity. I draw from a unique combination of experience and qualifications in the fields of equine facilitated life coaching, personal development and mental fitness, consciousness, wellness, burnout to balance, leadership, NGOs & business, ecology and education.

Our Partners, the Horses: Kirsten’s Laughing Waters’ herd will be travelling this Journey with us at Bodhi Khaya. This herd is special in that the horses live as a natural herd outdoors. The gentle and sensitive lead mare has cultivated a wonderfully calm and responsive herd.  



  • Horse time: Connecting Heart-to-Heart; Hiking 6 – 8km over the weekend, through Forest, Fynbos and Farm
  • An Individual and Private Equine-Facilitated Coaching Session
  • Meditative time: Daily Qi-Gong, Guided Meditation and Reflection
  • Creative time: Storytelling; Journaling
  • Play time: Swimming (weather allowing); Exploring; Relaxing around the Fire
  • Rest time: Comfy characterful accommodation in Bodhi Khaya’s Forest
  • Grazing time: Delicious Meals, made with love from wholesome food, to Nurture & Energise


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