“If you're LIVING to DIE,... GET a LIFE!

“If you're LIVING to DIE,... GET a LIFE!

White Shark Safaris

Red this status update on the wall of one of my Facebook friends this morning:

“If you're LIVING to DIE,... GET a LIFE!

Its so true.  Sometimes – we are allowing others to discourage our dreams;  to allow the behaviour of others to destroy our inner peace…its so unnecessary, so uninspiring…  Life is a path – self-determined, self-motivated, often risky – and forces us to have firsthand encounters with the world.  These encounters with earth, with life and your inner-self will change you.  Nothing will ever again be black-and-white.

“Live this life” is a great song from the South African band Prime Circle.  This song urges you to 'live your life', making a move, stop running away. Its all about perception you see. I was once like you, but now I'm a little older and bolder. Come just live your life! Live this! This is it, live it! Even if you get knocked down, 'just get up again'!

Why not be bold?  Take a stand – not only for yourself – but for sharks as well.  Sharks have inhabited the oceans for over 400 million years. They are about 150 million years older than the early dinosaurs. The modern sharks have not changed much in the last 60 million years.  Sharks are amazing, intelligent, curious and sometimes playful animals. As apex predators they play a very important role in the oceans by maintaining the biological balance in that very complex ecosystem. Sharks are at the top of the food chain and if they are taken out of this equation, the entire system could break down. Without sharks, we threaten the oceans – an integral part of our life support system.

They are not nearly as dangerous as commonly believed. Peter Benchley, who wrote “Jaws”, once said: “If I had known then what I know now, I could never have written that book. The monster I created is pure fiction”. Sharks have the proverbial sixth sense, which allows them to “feel at a distance” and have survived five periods of extinction. They are also extremely vulnerable to fishing pressure, especially with the highly sophisticated equipment fishermen use today. Sharks grow very slowly, reach sexual maturity late in their life and have much lower numbers of offspring than bony fish do – all detrimental to their very fragile existence.

Live.  And fight for the survival of sharks…

And they are incredible in any language....


great white shark


groot wit haai


velika bijela psina


grote witte haai




le grand requin blanc


hiu putih besar


grande squalo bianco


gran tiburon blanco


stor hvit hai


“white pointer”




seldevaja akula











“If you're LIVING to DIE,... GET a LIFE!


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