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Blog: Poem: The Great White Shark

Published: 29 September 2015

Author Unknown

I am very fierce
With my gigantic jaws!
I use them to catch my prey
Like a cat would with her paws!

But first I start at depths quite deep
Looking up as I do creep...
And then quite fast at an angle steep
From the ocean I will leap!

And hopefully as I make that leap
Up from that ocean deep!
I have bitten into a great big seal
Who is stuck between my teeth!

For I am the greatest, biggest, best
The terror of the ocean!
There are no shark as mean as I!
None can breach with such devotion!

I am the biggest of the fish predators!
I rise from the deep and dark!
And all in the ocean must beware
Of me - respect me

-  the Great White Shark!


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