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Blog: What is Xplorio all about?

Published: 23 February 2016

We believe in the power of community.

We believe in the power of community. Since the dawn of mankind, people have formed communities to survive. Today, the internet has created a global community that gives people access to information like never before.

People everywhere are searching for local services, the latest news and travel information. So as a business, you need to have a highly visible online presence for potential customers to find you. The problem is, our individual efforts often aren’t enough to make us stand out in the crowded online environment. As a result, big online platforms are controlling our online presence.

But what if local businesses worked together and combined their efforts? What if we took back control of the way our towns are represented online? That’s where Xplorio comes in. Xplorio is a community website for your town, empowering community members to actively market their business on a shared platform and thereby contribute to the collective marketing of their town.

Each business receives a free and customizable profile within a comprehensive town website. Built and supported by a team of online marketing experts (DROID) taking care of all the technical stuff.

Now when potential customers are looking for your business, they’re far more likely to find you, including direct contact details, photos, specials and lots of other useful info your community shares online. Because when we work together, we can go a lot further!

How does Xplorio benefit your town

  • A comprehensive online community platform (Town Website) with all businesses listed.
  • Extremely low barriers to entry as registration and participation are entirely free of charge.
  • As such, each business within the town gets a FREE and CUSTOMIZABLE profile when they sign up.
  • Profiles are built into a highly relevant Town website with a large section of professionally created and up to date content about the town [all of this content is created by DROID prior to the site going live and includes video, photo, infographics and written text]
  • Each profile is able to contribute pictures, blog posts, videos, events and specials to the Xplorio platform – and by so doing accurately represent their own business and at the same time contribute to the collective marketing of their town.
  • Through creating an environment of collective marketing the town’s resources are grouped, and thereby a self-sustainable community platform is digitally created.
  • In turn, through our collective marketing we are able to create a highly dynamic and relevant web platform that not only satisfies the needs of a website visitor, but simultaneously that of a local resident (a community member).
  • Xplorio is supported by a dedicated team on online marketing experts who take care of all the technological and digital marketing related aspects [DROID handles all the technical stuff including important updates to the system – ensuring a lifelong cutting edge system].
  • As a result of the above point, the Xplorio platform ensures top rankings in search engines (i.e. Google), including a targeted Google Advertising campaign.
  • Along with taking care of the technical stuff, DROID also implements an aggressive social media strategy and manages the social platforms on a daily basis. This includes creating highly relevant content for the blog on a weekly basis.

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