Daddy's OCR
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Sat, Apr-08, 07H30 - 16H00

The Daddy’s OCR series will challenge participants against one another on a fast-paced, obstacle-packed course.The greatest combination of speed, strength and technique will be paramount on this course. With the rising popularity for the need of outdoor adventure activities in South Africa, this is just what South Africans have been looking for. The varying race distances allow many individuals with varying fitness levels the opportunity to explore their outdoor orisons. The Daddy’s Adventures OCR series is not only fun but also provides a platform for individuals to test their endurance capabilities.

We also offer a 5km and 10km trail run before the start of the OCR races.

Our Mission Statement:
A fun activity platform for all types of individuals that not only tests their endurance capabilities but a platform which allows them to develop an understanding of how to accomplish the obstacles life may throw at them.

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