Nissan Trailseeker

Nissan Trailseeker
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From : June 24 2017 06:00

To : June 24 2017 14:00

We are glad to announce the second event in a series of four events in the Western Cape. The series is targeted at the young, the novice and the family but also for the experienced rider. The routes are aimed to be fun and friendly, no technical and specialised bits that only the pro's can ride. The series caters for those looking to get into mountain biking as a sport, the weekend riders and the family conscious.

With great TV coverage, good prize money with provincial points up for grabs, the serious riders are drawn in to compete into a festival of mountain biking.

The second event of the series takes place in the legendary Grabouw area, with the Grabouw country club as host.

There is a long history of mountain biking in Grabouw highlands. This place has a certain presence that needs to be respected, and have featured some great routes over the years. With the perfect mixture of water, mountain, forest and sun, it makes this an idealic setting that will see participants carving through kilometers of trails that make up this playground.

Come and escape to adventurous fun filled day out! We'll bring great meals and snacks, while you share the battle scars and war stories with your mountain bike buddies.

70km (69.32) - 1413m
40km (38.47) - 603m
20km (20.94) - 277m
10km (9.01) - 129m

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