"Pertaining to dreams"

O N E I R I C, pronounced “Oh! - ne - rik” borrowed from Greek terminology and roughly translated as ‘dream’ is exactly that - a hidden gem nestled in the heart of the cool-climate Elgin Valley.

Renowned for our consistency of quality, vintage after vintage, the Oneiric range focusses on striking a perfect balance between beautiful fruit, silky tannins and a lingering finish. We are committed to an elegant, food-friendly style of wine.

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Our Story

Unique amongst South African wineries, more than three-quarters of the scenic farm has been preserved as natural habitat—an oasis where oak trees pepper the landscape, geese and ducks swim the dams, and caracal, duikers and hares have been spotted roaming the hills. The property includes eight hectares of grapevines, two hectares apple trees, half a hectare olive trees, a lake, four trout dams and an exquisite picnic area. The diversity of ecosystems on the estate encourages beneficial insects and a myriad of bird species, including raptors and resident owl pairs.

A recent addition to the farm is the greenhouse, where new trees and flowers are grown from seed. Over the course of three years over 2000 trees have been planted on Oneiric. Ensuring greater ecological richness of their property and an opportunity for visitors to share Oneiric’s breathtaking vistas through hospitality.

The Pascall’s call the farm home and welcome guests to enjoy their backyard through the Oneiric Tasting/Picnic facilities.

The vines are unique in that the slopes suit the varieties planted there, the cooler sites house the Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay and the warmer sites the red cultivars. The Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay show great freshness and natural acidity and the red wines are of a fuller style with dark fruit and spice not generally encountered in the Elgin area.

Our wines showcase the typical character of the individual grape, which are representative of their terroir and produced in limited quantities. All our wines are well balanced, structured and of outstanding quality. They have depth and complexity to fully compliment fine cuisine.

Both the vineyards and the landscape combine to form the spectacular backdrop that together makes Oneiric “dreamy.”

Copper Theme

Our family's involvement in Copper mining inspired the unique labels.

Family Heritage

It is thanks to Matt’s involvement in Copper mining that the family decided to play on a Copper theme with the labels, each varietal plays on a different copper derivative or sulfide; from Fools Gold and Malachite to the rich blue of Azurite and the Copper colored Cousin Jack.

The result is a very metallic, stand-out, exquisitely beautiful label.

The Newly released First Quantum Grand Reserve plays homage to First Quantum Minerals, one of the world’s biggest copper mines.

The full copper label collection is a unique and somewhat daring move away from the common label which has tongues wagging and has literally taken the wine world by storm.

The labels depict a richness, exclusivity and quality which follows through in the wine.

Our Wines


A delightfully crisp and elegant Chardonnay that over-delivers on the palate. Fresh sea breeze, citrus pith and a velvety butter backed by well integrated-soft oaking.

A perfectly balanced wine with seamless integration of all components.

Oneiric produces white wines which are beautifully balanced on both the nose and the palate.

A beautiful summer wine enjoyed with or without food.

  • Bottle Price: R112.50
  • Case Price: R675.00
  • Minimum Bottle Qty: 6



Double Gold CWSA 2016

The wonderful aged look of oxidised Malachite, seen on the roofs of distinction, complements the Oneiric Sauvignon Blanc.

A classic example of a unique expression cool climate Sauvignon Blanc.

The wine’s profile reveals one of Oneiric’s flagship varietals in all its splendor: an elegant, fragrant nose, with concentrated acidity, intensity, and freshness.

These wines have been aged in bottle for 3 years and the result is an elegantly soft and surprisingly fruit-driven wine. Lovely fresh cut grass backed by white peach, jasmine, litchi and a hint of fresh lime. A well-balanced wine with great mouthfeel (reminiscent of mango sorbet) and a long and seamless finish.

Will pair well with any summer day.

  • Bottle Price: R112.50
  • Case Price: R675.00


The golden yellow of the Chalcopyrite, a copper sulfide ore, sets off the warm glow of the Oneiric Chardonnay.

Elgin is perfect for growing Chardonnay. This grape varietal is known for its natural acidity and aging potential.

A Burgundian at heart, this Chardonnay boasts beautiful lime, turkish delight, crème brûlée and a light citrus pith. Delicious nuttiness and aromas of butterscotch and fine oak.

Steely minerality indicative of the terroir, with 8 months in 100% New French oak.

A white with texture and an elegant long finish – worth tasting!

  • Bottle Price: R210.00
  • Case Price: R1260.00
  • Minimum Bottle Qty: 6


The deep blue of Azurite, an oxide of copper, symbolises the richness of Oneiric’s Shiraz.

A nose of pure opulence. Deep purple fruit, leather, cherry, tobacco leaf and a hint of blackcurrant finished off, elegantly, with white pepper and star anise.

This is a fantastic example of the Rhone varietal with a velvet palate and savory finish that leaves you wanting more.

  • Bottle Price: R220.00
  • Case Price: R1 320.00
  • Minimum Bottle Qty: 6


The copper colour of the Cousin Jack is a rich blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, with a dash of Shiraz.

Cousin Jack was the name given to Cornish miners who left Cornwall in the 18th and 19th centuries for the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Brazil to become leaders in the mining world. Bringing with them the game of rugby.


Light fruit, zesty acidity for uncomplicated sipping.

Ripe dark berry notes with hints of cedar and cassis. Fine and dense tannins with ripe fruit structure. Mid cerise. Smokey red fruit aromas. Evolved and still evolving. Some savory fresh notes. Chewy and rustic but food-friendly and showing vinosity and persistence.

The wine has a lovely silky texture and well-integrated oak.

Matt calls this a “lunchtime” wine, Shan calls it an “anytime” wine.

  • Bottle Price: R187.50
  • Case Price: R1 225.00


Loosely based on First Quantum Minerals, the third biggest copper mines in the world – this grand Bordeaux blend needed a grand name to fit its contents.

50% Cabernet Sauvignon and 50% Merlot.

This great wine is a rarity that presents a developed and complex nose with a diversity of aromas that make you want to swirl the glass and smell it over and over again.

Stunning nose, concentrated, intense, rich and structured with an endless finish.

Lovely cigar box, crème de cassis, violet, leather and raspberry with a fantastically complex palate structure: pencil lead and red meat with a refreshing menthe from the merlot and grippy tannins.

The finish is coherent with the nose, complex and long-lasting.

An exquisite limited edition from Elgin, where grapes develop a great natural acidity from the altitude at which they are grown. The wine profile is one of pure elegance and complexity.

This is a stunning example of a world-class wine.

  • Bottle Price: R562.50
  • Case Price: R3 495.00


The rich luxurious crimson hues of Cuprite, a sulfide mineral, embodies the velvety texture of our Merlot.

Probably one the best Merlot’s in South Africa. Great balance, no hint of greenness. Dark cherry juice layered with mocha, dark chocolate, violet and a slight crème de menthe on the finish. A really soft and vivacious wine with a luscious finish of vanilla and, truffle and sweet wood. this is certainly going to be a merlot that is going to make waves in the industry.

  • Bottle Price: R450.00
  • Case Price: R2 700.00
  • Minimum Bottle Qty: 6


The opulent charcoal hues of Chalcocite, a rich sulfide mineral, embodies the sumptuousness of our Cabernet Sauvignon.

An opulent and sophisticated palate with layers of Christmas cake, deep purple plums, lead shavings and black current.

Soft and voluptuous tannins with cedar wood and cigar box from the bottle age give this wine the long and velvet finish that will leave you wanting more.

  • Bottle Price: R562.50
  • Case Price: R3 375.00
  • Minimum Bottle Qty: 6



With Matt Pascall’s involvement in the copper industry, it seemed fitting that in 2011 when we decided to take the wines to market, we play on a copper theme which we incorporated throughout our label design, with each label colour depicting a different copper sulfide or derivative.

Asked by the 3rd largest merges and acquisition firm in South Africa to create a unique gift for their high-end clients, we devised the Copper Collection – a mixed case of our outstanding wines.

The Copper Collection consists of:

  • Oneiric Sauvignon Blanc, a rich green malachite label.
  • Oneiric Chardonnay, a golden chalcopyrite label.
  • Oneiric Shiraz, a deep blue azurite label.
  • Oneiric Merlot, a luxurious crimson label.

Oneiric Cabernet Sauvignon, a dark opulent grey chalcocite label.

First Quantum Grand Reserve, a luxurious copper label.


  • Minimum Bottle Qty: 6



The opulent charcoal hues of Chalcocite, a rich sulfide mineral, embodies the sumptuousness of our Cabernet Sauvignon.
The ultimate collector's item.

82 bottles remain in storage.
Described as South Africa’s finest Cabernet Sauvignon.

  • Bottle Price: R562.50
  • Case Price: R3 375.00
  • Minimum Bottle Qty: 6


The Oneiric Shiraz 2009 has been described as a wine of outstanding quality.

400 bottles remain in storage for release in mid-2017

This top label was fermented and aged in French Oak barrel for 18 months.

These wines are at their peak, with depth and complexity to fully complement fine cuisine.

It is well noted that 2009 was one of the best years in the South African wine industry.

  • Bottle Price: R850.00
  • Case Price: R5 100.00


Minimum Bottle Qty: Out of stock

Wine Club

A Oneiric Welcome to World Class Wines delivered to your door.

For the strangers who discovered Oneiric and left as friends, for those who have heard about our first class wines and for those who enjoy the finer things in life, like quality and a full mouthfeel in every glass; this is an opportunity to enjoy regular first access to our exquisite range of wines.

Your exclusive invitation to a Oneiric membership includes benefits that reflect the attention to detail and quality of the wines that you would expect to receive.  Wines awaiting re-release post extended cellaring are made available exclusively to members 3 months prior to release to the public.



By becoming a member of the Oneiric Wine Club, members receive:

  • Preferential member pricing on all wine club purchases (15% discount);
  • Receive automatic shipments of 12 bottles, quarterly(Wines are sent in February, May, September and December only);
  • Guaranteed access to new releases and older vintages (when available);
  • Complimentary shipping on all deliveries within South Africa;
  • Private tastings for you and your guests at your home or at the winery.

By enrolling in the Oneiric Wine Club, you agree to the following terms:

  • All communication will be done by e-mail;
  •  Please make sure your email or your gift recipient’s email is on file with us and we will notify the recipient via email when the wine club order has shipped.
  • Changes to any club shipment; including shipping address, payment details or actual wine, must be sent in writing via email one week prior to release. If no correspondence is received return shipping fees will be processed by the member;
  • Wine Club Members will be billed on the last business day and seven days before each quarterly shipment;
  • Wine will be sent after receipt of successful payment;
  •  Gift Giving – An email notification will be sent notifying you within 48 hours of placing your order. Along with your personal message, we will notify them of the details of their Wine Club Membership.
  •  During extremely hot and cold temperatures, the club shipment may be delayed to prevent heat or frost damage;
  •  Any faulty or damaged wine will be replaced with the current vintage and shipped with our compliments;
  •  Cancellation may be done in writing one week prior to shipment. There is an open cancellation policy. You may cancel at any time, and there are no cancellation fees.
Visitor Reviews

Antoinette Nel

“Congrats on making wines that compete with the best and surpass the regular wines. Well done!”

Ingrid Avidon

“I don’t know how I will enjoy a meal now without Oneiric! Exceptional wines. Wonderful discovery.”

Victoria Stander

“Enjoying a delicious bottle of Chardonnay! The wine that changed my opinion about Chardonnay!”

Andrew Bizzell

“We are avoiding Oneiric wine tastings because we can’t resist walking away with at least 4 cases of it”

David Bekker

Hi Shan, lovely meeting on Thursday night. Busy enjoying the Sav tonight. I hope you getting loads of exposure tonight, your wines certainly deserve it. If you ever back in Durban and got time to kill, look us up.”

Carla van der Merwe

“Love your Sauvignon Blanc.”

Francis Wheeler

“We had a splendid time at the Cool Wine & Country Festival! Thank you for showing us your place in the sun!”

Marlene Reimers

“Best olive oil I have ever tasted”

Lou Anne

“It is beautiful here”

Vanessa Haywood

“In love with my Cousin Jack… Seriously, a VERY GOOD wine from Oneiric Wines”

Maya Fisher-French

Oneric wine farm is a place of tranquility and beauty, add that to the hospitality of the Pascall family and you already have a winning combination without even mentioning their extraordinary wines. In Cape Town I always say that people judge you not on the car you drive but on the wine you bring to dinner – Oneric wines are the equivalent of a Bentley”

Gail Blacher

“Take the opportunity to immerse yourself in the warmth and passion of the Oneiric family wine estate whilst savouring each mouthful of their delicately robust wines.”



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