Berea (Mor) Primary School

Blog: Feeding the Children

Published: 24 April 2015
By:Angora van Doorn

Families in our community are mainly farm workers on the fruit farms around this area.  This work is seasonal, thus there is often a lack of income.

This impacts on the quality of food families are able to provide.  Research has found that hungry children do not learn.

We feed our children breakfast and lunch during school.  The funds for this are provided by the Department of Education and Social Services and we now also have an extensive vegetable garden where we are able to grow fresh vegetables, which are used to provide meals for the children.  Some excess vegetables are sold to generate funds in order to buy groceries that are needed and supplements the donations we receive.

We have found that this has had a huge impact on the children's grades and hope to be able to improve on this scheme in the future.

You are mosts welcome to talk to us if you feel that you would like to either donate to this project or be of service in some way.

God Bless!