Greyton Conservation Society

Greyton Conservation Society
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Join us on our regular hikes to get a real feel for the beauty surrounding our little village or join us at one of our hacks. Your support of the Saturday Market is what helps us keep Greyton beautiful.

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Meet us for regular hikes:

Mondays 09h00 at the Yellowwood opposite the market for a 2h Ramble.
Thursdays and Sundays 07h30 leaving in front of the Greyton Lodge for a 3-4h hike

The Greyton Conservation Society, with the support of the Greyton Municipality, has reintroduced and marked walking paths for the not-so-fit, and hiking trails for the more energetic.

Encounter spectacular bird life views, the year-round flower production of the magnificent Fynbos, regardless of altitude, at the commonage and Nature Reserve of Greyton.

Although you will often pass pristine sources of water, it is advisable to take a bottle of water with you.


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