Contemporary Artist in Greyton

Although I have loved painting since childhood and have always painted, I have earned my living in other ways. But since retirement in 2013, I have devoted myself to painting. Born and brought up in South Africa, I spent a number of years in early adulthood in Zimbabwe and Lesotho, and the twenty-five before retirement in England.

In Norwich, I was privileged to attend meetings of the then Norfolk Watercolourists Association, and submit my work to them for criticism. Later, in Cambridge, I was lucky enough to learn Chinese brush painting with Jan Evans, the leading exponent of this in the UK. At various times I also attended courses in watercolours and in oil painting.

Ink and wash is my usual medium, as I like to commit myself boldly to my line just as I was taught to do with my brushstrokes in Chinese brush painting. The landscape is my first love, but I am also inspired by trees and other vegetation and by birds, all of which sometimes provide foreground interest.

Until very recently all my landscapes were done en Plein air, but I find I am better doing seascapes from photographs I have taken, and I enjoy the luxury of having my equipment spread out before me!

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