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Vegetable Seeds
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Your source of ethically grown, non-GMO, open pollinated, organic and/or Heirloom vegetable seeds

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Real Seeds specializes in vegetable seeds and has a range of around 90 varieties, mostly home grown, organic, with many heirloom varieties.  Rare seeds are mostly not obtainable by the home gardener.  Collector's item seeds are sourced from seed banks and private growers in Southern Africa.  These seeds are then grown locally to produce your seed.

Due to the problems of cross pollination certain seeds are sourced from local ethical growers in order to offer a wide choice of viable, open pollinated seed.

  • We have taken the "Safe Seed Pledge" with the CRG (Council for Responsible Genetics)
  • All our seed is guaranteed non-GMO
  • We are 'Proudly South African' - grown and packed
  • Our printed material uses only vegetable based inks.

We ONLY trade at the Greyton Saturday Market from 10 - 12am.

You may email or contact us for any advice on growing vegetables or harvesting your own seed.  With eminent global food shortages in the future, creating your very own sustainable seed bank is important for self-sufficiency and food security.

We are happy to help you in any way we can to achieve this.

We DO post seed by special request only. 

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