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Blog: Storing your seeds for longevity

Published: 18 April 2015
By:Angora van Doorn

Optimal storage temperature for seed storage is 18degC.

The best place to keep them is in the top of your fridge door, where the eggs normally go.  Leave them in their paper packet, place in a sealed Tupperware container, do not fill more than 2/3.  Then check regularly that they are not for some reason becoming moist inside this container.

All seeds have a certain lifespan, some up to 10 years.  Teach yourself to use your seeds before 3 years and you will never have a failed germination as all seed will remain viable in this period. Always check on the packet for an expiry date before you purchase.

The colder you store the seed the longer the lifespan.  You can freeze them but this needs to be checked very regularly for freezer burn and possible moisture build-up in the container.

Before you buy seeds at any retail shop make sure the seed display stand is not located near a fridge motor on in a hot place in the shop.  If so, please do not buy them as you are risking that the seed may have been stored too warm, which means that they will have lost some of their viability.

This is also why no seed company will ever give you warranties on seeds because we do not know what the consumer will do with them afterwards.

Onion seeds will all be dead within 2 hours of lying on the dash board of your car.  Put your bought seed in a small cooler box for travelling.

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