Red Cross

Blog: Woman's Day 2015

Published: 07 August 2015
By:Marianna Nomdoe

The Greyton Red Cross celebrated Woman's Day on August 7th. 60 of our female patients were invited to a Pamper Day in celebration of woman.

Guest speaker, Elnette, from Cansa talked about living and eating healthy and the importance of having regular checks for cancer.  Nursing Sister, Naomie Isaacs, spoke about breast cancer and cervical cancer.

The ladies were treated with a light lunch, a gift bag, some facials and foot care. Amongst the guest was a 35 year old paraplegic, who for the first time in 15 years left her house to be part of the celebrations. We made her day special.

We want to thank the Greyton community, who has always come to our aid and all our sponsors for the event.

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