Saturday Morning Market

37 Years of Community Market

37 Years of Community Market

Saturday Morning Market

The Market Square, was once used as an 'outspan' (camping ground) for churchgoers coming from the outlying farms by wagon or cart once a month for 'nagmaal' at the Dutch Reformed Church.

This square opposite the NG Church was once a barren piece of land with not a tree in sight. Slowly it underwent a transformation and today there are tennis courts and a forest-like Market Square with thatched stalls.

The market was started by Helen Solomons, Margaret Skeat and Lorraine Robinson in 1978 with just a few local ladies selling their wares from an assortment of tables. 37 years later this little impromtu market has become a regular weekly social event bringing together residents, weekenders and visitors.

Over the years more and more stalls have been built to accommodate the ever increasing assortment of over 40 local stalls.

Many trees, mostly indigenous, were planted and carefully nutured.

So what makes it LOCAL?

From its inception the Market committee have always been very careful to keep all products local.

This means that all products must be either from Greyton itself or from any of the surrounding Overberg towns and farms.

It is our way of supporting the local community. Even to this day the market stallholders are proud that ALL our products are strictly

  • Handmade
  • Locally grown
  • Locally sourced

While at the same time we promote:

  • Sustainability
  • Community support
  • Organic
  • No plastic
37 Years of Community Market

Angora van Doorn

Every Saturday morning from 10h00 to 12h00 Greyton’s Market Square is abuzz with activity, where people flock to buy home-made and home-crafted goods. This is very much a Community Market with a variety of goods from Greyton and the villages of the Overberg. A visit to the market is the highlight ...

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