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Ariani Health Solutions is a holistic health and natural healing centre run by Dr Arien van der Merwe and Anri van Rooyen, at Greenways in Hermanus. Natural holistic integrative medicine, stress management, lifestyle and health coaching, weight control and workplace wellness is backed by years of research and successful treatment protocols that focus on the root cause of disease rather than the disease itself. To simplify the path to a healthy life, Ariani Health Solutions offers in-person as well as online consultations, live sessions and courses. Ariani Health Solutions have a wide range of health products, books and CD's available via their online shop and at their centres in Hermanus and Pretoria.

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Ariani Health Solutions is powered by mother-and-daughter team Dr Arien van der Merwe and Anri van Rooyen. 

Summary of services and products developed:

  • 1974 - Weight Control Clinic established by Dr William Gauché  
  • 2000 - Workplace Wellness Interventions (developed, presented and facilitated)
  • 2006 - Food supplements (Nutriceuticals) formulated by Dr Arien van der Merwe
  • 2012 - Weight Control Clinic bought by Dr Arien van der Merwe from Dr William Gauché
  • 2015 - Dr Arien van der Merwe and Anri van Rooyen established Ariani Health     Solutions(®) (Dr Arien’s Nutriceuticals as the formative basis of the company)
  • 2016 - FitFood and FitSMART developed by Anri van Rooyen
  • 2018 - Dr Arien and Anri became co-owners of The Weight Control Clinic in Hermanus and Pretoria

Take the first step towards decreasing health risks related to lifestyle diseases by contacting Ariani Health Solutions for more information and to arrange an online or in-house consultation. 

Dr Arien van der Merwe

Dr Arien van der Merwe


Dr Arien van der Merwe has been practising as a natural, holistic, integrative medical doctor since 1995.  

She is a best-selling author and experienced public speaker, facilitator and trainer, who has had many books and training manuals published. Dr Arien is also a medical specialist in workplace wellness and accredited to offer health and well-being training and health education courses. Added to these achievements, she is also the co-director of Arian Health Solutions and the director of Health Stress Management Gauteng (also in Hermanus and Pretoria). 

  • MBChB (Pretoria) 
  • NHA (South Africa) 
  • ASCHP (South Africa) 
  • MISMA (United Kingdom)
  • FRSPH (United Kingdom)
  • Registered with Natural Healers Association (NHA) as Trainer and Ethno-Medicine Practitioner in the field of Traditional Health Care 
  • Registered with Association for Supportive Counsellors & Holistic Practitioners (ASCHP) as Specialist Holistic Counsellor 
  • Member of the International Stress Management Association (MISMA), UK branch and SASIM (SA Society of Integrative Medicine)
  • Stress Solutions
  • Health & Happiness
  • Relax & Unwind Relaxation CD / USB
  • Managing Diabetes and Related Health Challenges
Continued Professional Development (CPD) Courses:
  • An Integrative Approach to Managing Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome 
  • An Integrative Holistic Approach to Medicine 
  • Practical Stress Management (through the Foundation for Professional Development) - developed for medical doctors, Psychologists and related health practitioners
Online Courses:
  • Practical Stress Management Course (Educate24 website aimed at general skills and self-development) 
  • Your Health and Wellness (Educate24 website aimed at general skills and self-development)
  • Practical Stress Management Course through the Foundation of Professional Development. CPD accredited for all medical doctors and related HPCSA registered health professionals
  • Timeless DNA™ Youthful Living Program (Ariani Health Solutions website)
  • Optimal Health and Wellbeing (Ariani Health Solutions website)

Dr Arien is a passionate writer and teacher who loves to share her experiences and knowledge about healing and wholeness. In doing so she hopes to inspire others to live healthier, happier, more fulfilled lives. 

  • Real Health (2016 - 2019) - The Home Channel, DStv
  • VIA: Minki Gesels Met 
  • KykNET: Robinson Regstreeks en Hannes van Wyk
  • Ontbytsake

 Dr Arien van der Merwe conducts consultations in-person at Greenways in Hermanus, as well as online. Contact her directly for more information and to schedule your appointment.

Anri van Rooyen

Anri van Rooyen

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Anri van Rooyen is a highly qualified Health & Fitness Scientist and is also registered as a Holistic Counsellor and co-director of Ariani Health Solutions since 2018.

  • BSc (Genetics, Psychology & Physiology)
  • BSc Hons (Human Physiology) 
  • MSc (Sports Physiology)
  • ASCHP (South Africa)
  • Personal Fitness Trainer and Certificate in Group Strength and Conditioning Course (International Institute for Sport Science and Fitness Training)
  • Registered as a Holistic Counsellor at ASCHP (Association for Supportive Counsellors & Holistic Practitioners) 
  • Manages The Weight Control Clinic at Ariani Health Solutions in Hermanus
  • Runs The Weight Control Clinic at Ariani Health Solutions in Pretoria
  • Developed PlayFunFitness™ to incorporate fun and effective exercises for optimal fat loss, strength and muscle toning. Anri takes each client’s fitness levels into account and can devise a personalised exercise program to help you achieve your fitness and weight goals. She is also available for fitness consultations, screenings and fitness tests, both inhouse and through her online programs
  • Developed FitFood™ Ready-Made Fresh and Frozen Meals
Online courses:
  • Beginner Home Workouts Part 1 & 2 (Educate24 website aimed at general skills and self-development)

  • FitSMART Guide (Fit-in-15): 12-Week Training Plan

- Measuring your progress - for success
- Challenges
- Fit-in-15 (minutes) Workouts (with beginner, intermediate and advanced options: all in one)
- Proper form & technique
- Exercise library to explain the execution of all exercise moves
- Checkpoints
- Weekly ratings
- Ongoing Support & Motivation via Social Media (Facebook & WhatsApp)
- Additional: Healthy tips for every day, Fitness factors & exercise info and links to healthy recipes

Anri has been featured on KykNet, has done radio and online interviews and is renowned for her expertise and incredible knowledge regarding holistic health solutions. Due to popular demand, she now hosts empowering live sessions on Facebook that deal with different topics and have an interactive Q&A session afterwards. Contact her directly for more information.

Natural, Integrative Medicine

Natural, Integrative Medicine

Ariani Health Solutions uses natural, integrative, holistic medicine that incorporates mind, body and emotions. This includes unique Herbal Remedies and Nutriceutical Food Supplements developed by Dr Arien to be used for:

  • Fat loss, Obesity and Weight Gain
  • Diabetes
  • Metabolic Syndrome (increased fat around the waist and abdomen, high triglycerides, LDL and low HDL-cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar / glucose and insulin resistance)
  • Depression, Sleep Challenges, Low Concentration and to Improve Memory
  • Renegade Inflammation Management (all chronic diseases)
  • Holistic Genetic Counselling
  • Timeless DNA and Youthful Living

The Process:

After assessing health risks through basic blood tests, body composition assessment and genetic screening, these values are used to manage and monitor progress, using risk lowering integrative health protocols.

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Weight Control Clinic

Weight Control Clinic


Ariani Health Solutions’ Weight Control Clinic (WCC) focuses on decreasing health risks that accompany modern lifestyle diseases. The WCC uses personalised body composition assessment, EatSMART Guide emphasising fat loss and safe, natural and highly effective nutraceuticals and fat burners to boost your metabolism for lasting results.

All treatments at the clinic are research-based, medically supervised and offer ongoing support, motivation and advice to help you stay on track. 

This is the SMART way:

  • Specific - low carbohydrates and healthy fat (oil) is recommended
  • Measurable - by assessing body composition, blood pressure and by using blood screenings to improve health risks
  • Achievable - results are proven by thousands of successful clients
  • Relevant - a passion for research and the ability to adapt the program whenever necessary
  • Time-bound - reach your goal within 8-12 weeks with ongoing support, motivation and advice
PlayFunFitness™ and FitFood™

PlayFunFitness™ and FitFood™

Ariani Health Solutions provides thorough health screenings and personalised exercise and fitness classes both in-person and online (FitSMART™).



Combine your exercise program with a healthy diet and stock up on Weight Control Clinic approved, delicious and nutritious, ready-made meals. There is a fresh and frozen menu available and meals are: 

  • Wheat / Grain and Gluten-free
  • Low Carb
  • Free-range and organic (used where possible)
  • Free from artificial colourants, flavours and preservatives
Genetic Screenings

Genetic Screenings

Ariani Health Solutions is able to send your mouth swab for your genetic profile screening to the laboratory in Pretoria where your genetic health risks will be determined. Using a holistic approach that incorporates epigenetic principles, potential health issues are nipped-in-the-bud before they manifest as diseases.

Remember, although we can’t change our genes, we can control their expression, which is strongly influenced by our environment. By allowing Ariani Health Solutions to help you make adjustments to your lifestyle now, you will be able to lower the risk for certain diseases, while increasing your energy and vitality, living a healthier life.

Workplace Wellness

Workplace Wellness 

Proactive workplace wellness training programs are fast becoming compulsory training in most businesses around the whole world. Employees are the most important asset in a successful business, so taking care of their health and well-being makes good business sense. Employee wellness is not only an investment for the business, it improves the quality of life of every employee. 

The in-house or online courses, talks, workshops and training includes:

  • Various Health Topics 
  • Wellness Educator Training
  • Healthy Eating and Cooking Demos
  • Nutraceuticals (high-quality food supplements, herbal remedies and functional foods)
  • Resilience Training for Business Owners and Leadership Teams
  • Practical Stress Management
  • General Health and Wellness
  • Integrative Wellness Approach to CDL (Chronic Diseases of Lifestyle) 
  • Safety Health and Environmental Challenges (SHE)
  • Leading by Example - The Soul of Leadership
Online Consultations

Online Consultations

Ariani Health Solutions provides convenient online consultations via:

  • Skype / Zoom
  • Email

Take the first step towards decreasing health risks related to lifestyle diseases by contacting Ariani Health Solutions for more information and to arrange an online consultation.

Online Shop

Online Shop

Ariani Health Solutions have a range of products available to order from their online shop that includes:

  • Ariani Health Boxes
  • Genetic Screenings
  • Natural Medicine Products
  • Timeless DNA
  • Weight Control Clinic Products
  • Workplace Wellness Products
  • Dr Arien’s Books (Health and Happiness, Stress Solutions, Relaxation USB, Managing Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome)
  • In-house and Online Courses
  • Seminar Ticket Sales

Shop online here:

Courses and Workshops

Courses and Workshops

Ariani Health Solutions offers both in-house and online courses and workshops that include but are not limited to:

  • Integrative Natural Medicine Course
  • Health Coaching with Dr Arien
  • Stress Solutions Course
  • Mind Solutions Course
  • Youthful Living Workshop
  • Optimise your Health & Wellbeing in Only 12 Weeks
  • Mind-Body Coaching
  • Health Coaching
  • 12-Week Super Body Challenge
  • Ways to Health & Wellness
  • Practical Stress Management
  • Beginner Home Workouts
  • Wellness Educator Training Course
  • Stress Solutions Course in a Workplace Setting
  • Short Course in Workplace Wellness
  • The Soul of Leadership™ Optimal Resilience and Integrative Health Coaching Program
  • Integrative Workplace Wellness Course
  • Workplace Wellness: Longevity - Preparing for Wisdom Years

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