Our mission is to assist our fellow countrymen to securely transfer their investments to a country they prefer. Why? Because once a South African always a South African. We deliver.

Living in a new country or planning to leave South Africa? Our system makes the seemingly impossible possible. We're the world leader in the complex science of Global Financial Migration® Offering a considered and bespoke suite of products and a personalised service to improve the lives of South Africans now living abroad.

Our hands-on and committed international team boasts relevant and on the ground in-market experience, specialising in financial and cross border tax planning for a successful future in your new country.

If you are a South African living abroad or an expat who spent time in SA and have funds tied up in South Africa you should be talking to us. We can facilitate the process of getting your RA's and other investments unlocked and repatriated to your new country of residence.


Cash in your Retirement Annuity or RA's
Cash in Investment Policies
Cash in Pension Benefits
Financial Migration Plan
Cross-border tax
Off-shore bank account
Exchange control allowances
Forex transacting
Trust distributions

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