Fernkloof Holistic Faire

The Holistic Faire is a market and social occasion with a focus on health, alternative therapies, art and spirituality. We set the space for healing and clarity with a foundation of goodwill and friendship, fly our flags to bring joy and celebration, light candles together to symbolise our light in the world, and provide a sand mandala for children and sensitive souls to beautify. All the while, we are surrounded by the nature reserve, have beautiful music playing, strive to feed you healthy sattvic food, and in the Hall and gardens are our natural and alternative therapists, readers, artists, and much information. In the late afternoon we discern an angel’s face looking on in shadows, cast by the afternoon sun across the mountains.

So this is our Holistic Faire, grounded in the age old values of Mrs Lucia Lamprecht, with our goodwill shining on a white table full of flowers, a market by a green lawn surrounded by Protea clad mountains.

Please contact us should you wish to become part of the team who creates this space once a month, or just come and be with us as a visitor, make some friends and feel refreshed.

Faire dates:
- 11 September
- 9 October
- 13 November
- 4 December

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