Sustainable Living - making the change

Sustainable Living - making the change


Today let’s talk grocery shopping, a few steps towards sustainability are: DON’T use plastic bags if you are anything like me it will take time for the switch. When I got to the point of taking the alternatives I would forget them in the car, but I’m getting better!

One tip says to avoid buying plastic-wrapped products, this is definitely going to be a challenge! Will have to start seriously considering switching to homemade pasta.

Another one says to buy in bulk from your local farmers market, not sure about this one. I have been on a path of minimizing things and space and it might sound good to buy in bulk, but a lot would go to waste - I personally prefer having a good idea of what I’m going to prepare for the week and buying only for that.

Last on this list but NOT least is STOP BUYING BOTTLED WATER! Invest in a simple filter we have an on the counter H2O and aside from working and looking amazing is very affordable.

Sustainable Living - making the change


Interior designer, Francesca Ferguson is passionate about helping her clients achieve a healthy, balanced and sustainable lifestyle by transforming their living and workspaces. Francesca’s philosophy is reflected in her unique, uncluttered, yet purposeful design-style that embodies personality, si...

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