Fynbos Gardens offers a full range of gardening and landscaping services in the greater Hermanus area. Delivered to you by experts in their fields, the team at Fynbos Gardens has been working together for many years with a reputation for outstanding work based on tried and tested gardening solutions. Whether you need a garden professionally landscaped from scratch or want new life breathed into an existing outdoor space, Fynbos Gardens is up to the task. Additional services include a full and comprehensive garden maintenance service that manages the requirements of each individual garden. Passionate about conserving resources, Fynbos Gardens makes having a water-wise garden easy with various irrigation setups such as watering systems, boreholes and storage tanks. Fynbos Gardens has a nursery with a supply of plants, planters, soil and eco-friendly fertilisers with a motto that whatever isn’t in store can be ordered.

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Meindert Jonge Poerink has been in the landscaping industry since 1982. He established Fynbos Gardens in Hermanus in 1998.

Over the years, Meindert and his team, which includes over 30 experienced employees, have amassed experience in an entire range of gardening and landscaping services.

Meindert is assisted by managers who are all leaders in their fields.


  • Meindert Jonge Poerink - Owner
  • Michael van Dyk - Landscaping Manager
  • Warren Tunley - Garden Maintenance Manager
  • Heinrich Kriel - Irrigation Manager
  • Thabo Mabote - Nursery Assistant
  • Sanet Basson - Nursery and Administration
  • Julie McGrath - Accounts


Michael van Dyk joined Fynbos Gardens in 2010.

Meindert and Michael design gardens around the unique needs and lifestyles of their clients, whilst taking into consideration the architectural style, local climatic and soil conditions and the need to conserve water. Their designs are based on sustainable, organic gardening principles and wherever possible they promote the use of eco-friendly products. Planting indigenous and fynbos plants is the main focus when landscaping in Hermanus. Where conditions allow, the company has created beautiful exotic gardens as well.

Fynbos Gardens works closely with local and national architects.

Only the best sub-contractors are appointed to assist on hard landscaping projects with whom the company has built a good and reliable relationship over the years.

Garden Maintenance

Garden Maintenance

Fynbos Gardens is your go-to professional garden maintenance company and is highly regarded in the garden maintenance industry in Hermanus. Warren Tunley has been in the gardening and garden maintenance industry since 2000.

The company does not do once-off garden maintenance.  A maintenance contract is signed with the company that will cover all aspects of each individual garden’s requirements.

The company manages gardens on behalf of the client as the majority of the gardens are holiday homes of national and international clients.

Maintenance contracts include Lakewood Village Golf Estate, Creation Wines and Woolworths in Hermanus-CBD.



Heinrich Kriel joined Fynbos Gardens in 2010 and is a specialist in the irrigation field.

Irrigation services include the following:

  • Irrigation system design and installation
  • Upgrading of existing irrigation systems
  • Boreholes - from water sourcing to commissioning
  • Boreholes subcontracted to RG Drilling
  • Water treatment and purification systems
  • Pumps (consultation, installation and repairs) 
  • Repairs subcontracted to Hermanus Pumps
  • Water storage systems.
  • Irrigation system maintenance services


Sanet Basson and Thabo Mabote welcome you to Fynbos Gardens’ nursery.

Thabo has been with the company since 2005 and, has worked out in the field with the teams for many years. 

Sanet joined the company in 2012, she heads the nursery and the admin department.

Whatever isn’t available can be ordered on Mondays and Tuesdays. Deliveries from suppliers are on Thursdays and Fridays.



“Fynbos Gardens has friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff.”  Shirley Kruger
“A big thank you to the lovely and competent staff at Fynbos Gardens!”  Marijke van Bergeijk
"During my stay at Prestwick Village, I had the unfortunate chance to employ seven garden services and now I have found the perfect garden maintenance company."  Karin Butler
"Thank you for your good service and much-appreciated work."  Acke and Lena Widerstrom



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