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Fynbos Pole Depot is a timber merchant in Hermanus that provides clients in the agricultural, industrial and private sectors with high-quality timber. The company services the entire Overberg and has depots in Hermanus and Bredasdorp. Fynbos Pole Depot’s products range from CCA-treated timber poles and laths to its unique brand of biofuel potting soil. Added to its range of timber products, Fynbos Pole Depot offers small and large-scale clearing services for building projects. The team of highly experienced staff at Fynbos Pole Depot includes conservationists who ensure that the cleared timber is used sustainably to reduce wastage. Furthermore, Fynbos Pole Depot is proud to be affiliated with Agulhas Biomass Fuel.

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In 2007 Leon and Elana Le Grange left their managerial positions in the corporate world and took the plunge to start their own business in the timber industry.

Their concern for the area and their desire to create a lasting legacy have prompted them to initiate and partake in several alien clearing projects in the Overberg district, such as rehabilitating Fynbos in biodiversity areas.


A milestone was the opening of the first pole depot for distribution purposes in Bredasdorp in 2011, followed by one in Hermanus in 2013.

Leon and Elana’s company motto has never changed since the inception of Fynbos Pole Depot, and that is, “To deliver professional service and quality products on time!"

Construction Timber

Construction Timber

Fynbos Pole Depot offers construction timber products that include but are not limited to:

  • Tapered Poles / CCA H4 SABS Pine - Treated
  • Split Poles
  • Laths - Pine - Treated
  • Laths - Gum - Treated
  • Droppers - Pine - Treated
  • Droppers - Gum - Treated
  • Super Dropper - Treated
  • Split Super Dropper -Treated

A wide range of timber poles in a variety of specifications is SABS (South African Bureau of Standards) and H3-approved. These include but are not limited to: 

  • 1.2m - 7.2m 
  • All diameters for classes 2, 3, 4 and 5

The company is also a distributor of pinewood and treated gum. 

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Potting Soil

Potting Soil

Fynbos Pole Depot believes in sustainability and produces potting soil made from biomass, which is a waste material created by plants. The fertile soil is perfect for private and agricultural use. For more information contact Fynbos Pole Depot directly.

Garden Goodies

Garden Goodies

Fynbos Pole Depot loves all things to do with gardening and stocks a range of goodies that will help you create your outdoor paradise. Shop for garden goodies that include but are not limited to:

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  • Bark
  • Stepping Stones 
  • Garden Edging 
  • Picket Fencing
Alien Clearing

Alien Clearing

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In addition to supplying high-quality timber and potting soil, the Fynbos Pole Depot team is widely regarded as an expert when it comes to clearing alien vegetation. 

A passionate team of conservationists are ready to walk their clients through the whole clearing process. Wherever possible, the company reuses the timber for other products such as soil and firewood.  



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Fynbos Pole Depot stocks the following firewood:

  • Myrtle
  • Eucalyptus (Blue Gum)
  • Rooikrans


Fynbos Pole Depot delivers:

  • Large-load timber products delivered throughout the Overberg
  • Small-load timber products delivered with prior arrangement. 
  • Firewood deliveries on request
Agulhas Biomass Fuel

Agulhas Biomass Fuel

Agulhas Biomass Fuel is a sub-division of Fynbos Pole Depot in Hermanus and Bredasdorp

The sustainable company produces and delivers compressed, superior-quality, pine wood shavings. The shavings are non-toxic and 100% organic and are mainly used as bedding for chickens at poultry farms and horses at equestrian estates. Moreover, Agulhas Biomass Fuel’s wood shavings have sustainable uses that include but are not limited to everything from livestock and pet bedding to plant and pit-latrine composting.



“Fynbos Pole Depot has good wood!”  Jared Visser
“Fynbos Pole Depot gives very friendly service.”  Johannes Van Loggerenberg



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