Green Life Africa Chemicals Pty Ltd

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GLA Chemicals provides Green disinfectant products that are Biodegradable, do not contain Formaldehyde, eliminates bad odours and is non toxic.

By striving to be environmentally friendly, we can set our business apart from our competitors and inspire our customers reduce their environmental impact and so improve the sustainability of our planet.

Greenlife Africa Chemical (Pty) Ltd - An environmentally friendly company was formed to give effect to the commercialisation of its products. We are deeply rooted to ensure an environmentally friendly code of practice.
Independent tests done to date were by SAA Technical as well as by the City of Cape Town, both tests results giving a green light to an environmental safe and green product.

GLAC is proud to announce that our product holds no hazardous or toxic dangers to the environment as well as human beings.

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Effective Odour Control

STERISAN neutralizes water based odours without perfumes, masking agents, oxidizers. No chlorine-based products or other dangerous volatile organic compounds. STERISAN remains within the system into which it is injected – does not migrate Into the atmosphere. This product is affective in small amounts. As a rule of thumb, we recommend one (1) part of STERISAN per one thousand (1000) parts suspended solids and vapour in water (1:1000). Product is most effective when Agitation is presented to ensure dispersion to all areas of containment ponds and lagoons. Usage in air scrubbers are determined by on-site tests.

Odour Masking

  • Masking an unpleasant smell with a stronger, pleasant one, is still applied these days.
  • It has its limitations and drawbacks, overpowering scents are always appreciated by all consumers.
  • Variations in malodour concentrations may limit the span of the time the masking works perfectly.
  • This mechanism would thus be unsuitable.


  • Dispersing a very fine volatile into the atmosphere yields micro drops of solvent with high surface to mass ration.
  • These tiny drops have the ability to dissolve organic molecules, and since they deposit via gravity, they contribute to the reduction of malodours in the air.
  • The practically of such a process holds many obstacles as well as finding a solvent which is environmentally friendly.

Chemical Nutralisation

  • Certain esters, it has been claimed, have a quasi-universal ability of abating malodours.
  • Many patents have been granted to products such as NEUTRALAIR and METAZNE, etc.
  • These products react with certain molecules and it is suggested that they are not as effective as originally claimed.
  • Formulating an efficient counteraction is still a subtle blend of perfumery and science.
  • This aspect will be dealt with.
Environment Safety

Ideal for lagoons where aerobic bacteria are present; does not harm bacteria’s ability to Digest solids. 

  • STERISAN is non-carcinogenic and biodegradable in water. 
  • STERISAN is suitable for land application when used in wastewater where that is permissible. 
  • STERISAN has been accepted by the USDA for use in the inedible processing areas.
Human Safety


  • Non-corrosive
  • Non-volatile
  • Non-toxic.
  • It does not burn
  • It does not irritate the skin, eyes or breathing passages.

If product comes in contact with the skin, simply wipe off with paper towel, then wash with soap and water. 
If in the eyes, flush with clean water.

Additional Benefits


Does not promote machinery wear and breakdown, unlike some caustic and corrosive oxidizers, even in equipment operating at high temperatures. STERISAN does not promote foaming. Unlike some products sold for odour control, no additional acids or other chemicals are required to alter pH. No additional expensive equipment needed to inject STERISAN into wastewater systems, just a simple chemical metering pump.


When used to deodorize zirconium plant’s wastewater, STERISAN accelerated the flocculation of heavy metal sediment. In wastewater with aerobic bacteria, this product seems to assist bacteria. When STERISAN combined with suspended solids, it not only reduces their ability to create odour, it also appears to reduce their appetite for dissolved oxygen in the water. This leaves more oxygen for bacteria in the water. The bacteria become more vigorous.


Unlike some products often used, STERISAN was designed to neutralize odour, and relatively small amounts required. This product is solid in 210L drums, not tank loads, since less is required. Less storage space, time and manpower, is required which culminates in huge monetary savings, better managed personal and much better operational planning. 

STERISAN is safe for your employees and your equipment. This non-corrosive product will not contribute to machinery wear or breakdown.


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