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It is usually in the summer, with temperatures rising, that one thinks of getting an air conditioner fitted in their home or work space.  But most models have a reverse cycle function, which means an air conditioner in your home or workspace can also be used for heating when the temperature drops outside.   With significant savings over electric heat, air conditioners can reduce your energy bill without changing the comfort level in your home or office.

An electric heater has a one to one power to heat output, so for every 2 kW of heat, you use 2 kW of electrical power.  However, a reverse cycle air conditioner requires only 0.6 kW of electrical power for 2 kW of heat, making it at least 3X more efficient when compared to an electric heater.

The initial cost of fitting an air conditioner is well worth the long term saving you will make on living and working in comfort all year round.

Benefits of using an air conditioner for heating:

  • The warm air is distributed evenly throughout the room.
  • Thermostatically controlled so no electricity is wasted by overheating.
  • The air conditioner can be set to turn on 30 minutes before you enter the room, using a phone app or timer.  
  • Electric heaters have safety issues. A 2 kW electric heater can overload electric circuits, especially in older houses. Overloaded circuits can cause fires. In addition, the high radiant heat close to the heater can cause clothing or furnishings to catch fire.


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