Featuring Celebrity Chef, Shane Sauvage

Chef Shane Sauvage welcomes you to La Pentola Restaurant in Hermanus. Open for lunch and dinner service, the La Pentola kitchen offers a taste adventure of international cuisine intertwined with traditional South African flavours. Imaginative daily specials are presented alongside tantalizing à la carte menu items that include fresh seafood, mature prime cuts of beef, flavourful game dishes and a decadent choice of unique desserts. A selection of vegetarian meals, salads and specially prepared recipes to meet dietary needs, are also offered as menu options. The La Pentola culinary experience comes coupled with uninterrupted views of Walker Bay that is in itself, a feast for the eyes. For larger groups, chef Sauvage suggests his popular long table at which he has hosted many happy gatherings. La Pentola is fully licensed and the wine list showcases local wines. A total of 90 diners can be seated and table reservations are advisable.

Please note that booking is essential and reservations should be made no later than 19:30 to avoid disappointment.

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Chef Shane Sauvage first opened La Pentola (Pretoria) in 1995 to rave reviews. 

After relocating to the Cape coast in 2011, chef Sauvage opened La Pentola in Hermanus. 

Both La Pentola restaurants continue to meet the needs of diners who enjoy the meaning of the name, which is, ‘a melting pot of flavours’! 


The need to create and share inspirational cuisine soon saw the release of his first book, which was followed by two more bestsellers. 

  • The Edge of Fusion 
  • Infusion 
  • Cape Fusion


  • Gourmand Award (Infusion - best international chefs book for 2009) 
  • American Express Platinum Fine Dining Award 2006 - 2012
  • Chaines Des Rottiseurs Blazon 2001-2012
  • Wine Magazine Top Hundred Restaurants
  • RASA Top Hundred Restaurants
  • Diners Club Diamond Award Wine 



Basil Port Livers R 65

Chicken livers pan fried with butter, onions, mixed peppercorns & garlic. Touch of tomato, port and fresh cream & flavoured with basil.

Angel Snails R 95

Snails wrapped in bacon, pan fried with red onions, black pepper & butter then steamed in chardonnay, bound with cream & flavoured with fresh oregano.

Mussels Provencal R 75

Fresh black shell mussels in a light French style sauce comprising of celery, carrots, onions, garlic and fresh herbs, doused with white wine & bound with whole peeled Italian Tomato.

Springbok & Rocket Carpaccio R 95

Thin slices of smoked Springbok topped with fresh rocket dressed with lemon & extra virgin olive oil then sprinkled with local parmesan cheese.

Smoked Duck Pastry R 80

Smoked duck off the bone pan fried with mushrooms, red onions doused with vintage port bound with cream reduced then wrapped in phyllo pastry sprinkled with brown sugar & black pepper baked till crisp.

Pea & Bacon Soup R 65

Petit pois sweet green peas cooked in vegetable stock blended with cream and sprinkled with crispy bacon bits.

Thai Butternut Soup (Vegan) R 65

Delicious sweet butternut flavoured with aromatic green curried flavours of lemongrass, ginger, chilli and basil sweetened with coconut cream.

Baby Marrow Carpaccio (Vegan/Vegetarian) R 60

Thin slices of baby marrow dressed with lemon, olive oil, coriander & a touch of chilli, dusted with Parmesan & feta cheese then baked.

Veg of the day and potato croquettes R 40

(For a light meal option feel free to order starters with an extra veg and croquette portion)


Santorini Chicken R 155

Tender chicken breast dusted with flour, pan fried in butter & served in a white wine, lemon, oregano, fresh cream sauce then dusted with feta cheese & sliced almonds. Served with croquettes &seasonal vegetables.

Don Giovanni Pastry R 185

Tender strips of beef steak pan fried in butter with garlic, black pepper, mushrooms& basil bound with cream & cheese wrapped with phyllo and baked until golden.

Honey Mustard Pork R 185

Sliced pork fillet pan fried in butter with peppercorns, bay leaf and red onions flamed in brandy sweetened with honey and whole-grain Dijon mustard then bound with cream.

KWV Fillet R 265

Tender Beef fillet grilled to your preference, served in a brandy, whole grain Dijon mustard, garlic, bay leaf & green peppercorn cream sauce.

Hake Maitre De Hotel R 155

Fresh fillet of hake fish prepared very simply in the oven with red onion and tomato, basted in butter & its own jus, then served with potato croquettes and seasonal vegetables.

Seafood Pasta R 185

Gluten-free option +R 30

Combination of prawns mussels and calamari pan fried with butter, garlic and black pepper. Doused with white wine and bound with cream and flavoured with a squeeze of lemon and a pinch of thyme. Tossed through with spaghetti.

Hermanus Abalone R 385

Locally cultivated abalone tenderized in white wine and lemon juice dusted in flour and lightly egg washed flavoured with garlic, black pepper, chilli and thyme pan fried until golden and served on a bed of black squid ink spaghetti with a lemon butter sauce.

Thai Vegetable Curry (Vegan) R 140

Fresh vegetables with ginger, lemongrass, chilli, garlic & green curry paste & bound with coconut cream & served with rice noodles dusted with black sesame seeds.

Oven Baked Prawns R 295

Seven large king prawns doused with white wine, garlic, lemon, fresh thyme, olive oil & butter. Oven baked & served in its own jus. Served with basmati rice and seasonal veg.

Nonna’s Spaghetti Bolognaise

Beef mince, celery, carrots, onions & garlic slowly braised doused with red wine, bound with whole peeled Italian tomato & left to simmer for a few hours tossed through with spaghetti and dusted with parmesan.        


Halva Pancake R 75

A delicious  Greek halva, white chocolate, honey, almonds & vanilla pod ice cream fantasy wrapped in a pancake.

Hazelnut Crème Brule R 60

Delicious rich hazelnut custard, topped with torch flamed sugar crust.

Trio of chocolate Terrine R 75

Individual layers of dark, milk and white chocolate creating a heavenly slice of our in house frozen dessert.

Speciality Vegan or Diabetic Ice Cream R 70

Please inquire from your waiter what flavours are available. 

Danish Vanilla

Vanilla ice-cream served with our hot homemade condensed milk chocolate sauce.

Kids Menu

Ninja Turtle soup R 45

Sweet green peas cooked in vegetable stock blended with cream and sprinkled with crispy bacon bits.

Marinas Chicken Strips R 60

Tender strips of chicken breasts crumbed & fried served with croquettes and veggies

Spidermans Spaghetti Bolognaise R 65

Beef mince made traditionally with Italian tomato & left to simmer for a few hours. Served with spaghetti.

Tinkerbelle’s Spaghetti R 50

Whole peeled Italian tomato sauce cooked for hours on the stove & tossed through with spaghetti dusted with parmesan.



La Pentola is known for never-to-be-forgotten celebrations, making the venue perfect for functions such as:

  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Corporate Events 
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For more information on functions and catering options, please enquire directly at La Pentola.



“Fabulous restaurant with sea views, wonderful food and excellent service. We were made to feel so welcome and we had a lovely dinner.” James Melvill
“I thoroughly enjoyed the La Pentola experience! The menu is well thought out with daily specials available. I will be back to experience more of what this establishment has to offer.” Reza Samuels
“Great place with a good selection of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dishes.” מיתר פלדמן
“Twas amazing. The food, the staff, the vibe, the ambience!” Beauty Tsana
“You know you've found a gem when the owner and executive chef is none other than Shane Sauvage who is at the helm, cooking up meals of the highest quality. A culinary experience not to be missed!” Stuart Manning



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