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Mindfulness Detox Retreat

Mindfulness Detox Retreat
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I Feel Calm with Mindfulness

Fri, Dec-02, 17H00 - Tue, Dec-06, 14H00

A five day mindfulness and detox retreat to release tension and toxins, restore well-being, and re-align body-mind.

If you often feel like: “I’ve had enough”, “I’m exhausted”, “I feel overwhelmed” and “I need to calm down”, “I need to detox and want to start eating healthy but I just don’t have the time.” This mindfulness with wellness retreat will help you release tension and toxins in body and mind, restore your energy, calmness and clarity and re-align your life. This retreat will help you:
- Reduce stress and Relieve pain
- Restore energy and vitality
- Reshape body and mind
- Learn to make wiser choices
- Live life with purpose

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