M.O.T.H. Seagull Shellhole Hermanus

The Memorable Order of the Tin Hat

The Seagull Shellhole Hermanus is a non-profit organisation that forms part of the Memorable Order of the Tin Hat (M.O.T.H.). This organisation offers support and assistance to former military servicemen, women and their families. The Seagull Shellhole Hermanus presents annual fundraisers as well as commemorations to fallen soldiers. Moth provides accommodation options and cottage schemes for all ex-servicemen, women and those eligible for assistance. They also have their own Moth Motorcycle Association to create awareness for this compelling cause on the open road. At Seagull Shellhole in Hermanus, every Moth member is part of a family of caring and passionate volunteers.

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The Memorable Order of Tin Hats (Moth) was established in 1927 by Charles Evenden. 

The Order is known for being a brotherhood of past and present military servicemen and women that wish to assist former servicemen and women and their family within South Africa.

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Moth Seagull Shellhole Hermanus was founded in 1970 and has aided many members in their community over the past few decades. 

These passionate volunteers commemorate the legacy of fallen soldiers yearly by taking part in a parade, displaying homage and laying wreaths on Remembrance Day.

The Moth Emblem

The circular emblem expressing life and harmony without end consists of:

  • A Tin Hat that is hallowed by the Light of Service
  • Crossed rifles signifying the sacrifice
  • Twelve stars signifying mutual help

For more information visit Moth’s website at: http://www.moth.org.za/




The Memorable Order of the Tin Hats (Moth) was the brainchild of Charles Evenden. Charles was an ex-serviceman for Australia in World War I and settled in South Africa after his military journey.

After watching a war film in 1927, one scene of true comradeship stood out to Charles - marching troops wearing Tin Hats and carrying trench equipment. This scene sparked a remembrance for his fellow friends in the war and soon Moth was born in 1927.

Moth Seagull Shellhole Hermanus was established in 1970. 



In order to accomplish physical, social and financial goals, Moth Seagull Shellhole Hermanus always follows the primary Moth ethos which are:

  • Practising front line friendship in civilian life
  • Acknowledging the personal and collective obligation to help each other 
  • Remembering and commemorating the fallen 


Moth Seagull Shellhole Hermanus invites you to join your comrades if you, or members of your family, have served your country in the South African Defence Force or the South African Police Service. 


Moth Seagull Shellhole Hermanus Meetings

  • Date: Every second Monday of every month 
  • Time: 19:00 
  • Venue: Hermanus Old Boys Club

New members are always welcome!

For more information on how to become a member contact Moth Seagull Shellhole Hermanus directly.

Motorcycle Association

Motorcycle Association

Not only do Moth members share a common interest in aiding fellow comrades but many also share an interest in something equally exciting - biking.

Fuelled with ambition, a group of Moth members gathered in Cape Town in September 2008 to form the Moth Motorcycle Association (MMA). A few months later, the Rules and Standing Orders were approved by GHQ Durban and MMA finally took off to the open road.

Ready for automotive action and proudly flashing their MMA biking patches on their backs, the MMA started to grow exponentially all over the country. To become a member of MMA, you must first become a proud Moth member.

For more information on how to become a member contact Moth Seagull Shellhole Hermanus directly. 

Moth Accommodation

Moth Accommodation

Moth former servicemen and women who are in need of a home.

To achieve this instrumental goal, Moth has a Property Management Committee (PMC) which is a national body that manages and advises on all things property. 

Whether it is property issues, Moth Cottages Schemes, Frail Care Centres or owning property units of The Order, the PMC will always be ready to assist.

Moth consists of two accommodation cottage schemes, each with numerous accommodation options to suit every person’s needs:

  • Moth Ex-Servicemen’s Cottage Association (MESCA)
  • Cottage Schemes (Non-MESCA)

Objectives of PMC

  • To provide a management function to the Moth regarding their properties.
  • To manage and advice regarding cottage accommodation for eligible persons as well as frail care assistance where possible.
  • To provide food, meals, clothing, medical, and other amenities to eligible persons.
  • To protect and advance the interests of war veterans and their kin by carrying out the benevolent activities of and ex-service character.

For more information on accommodation contact B.S.Michler via email: michler@mweb.co.za or visit their website: http://www.moth.org.za/



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