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Solartech Overberg is a Hermanus-based company that is proud to harness the highest-quality solar water heating and solar-electrical power solutions for residential, commercial and industrial properties. Solar electric power systems are supplied and installed by Solartech Overberg and provide free, renewable electricity with various configurations including grid-tied, off-grid and hybrid systems. Lithium batteries provide long-term storage of approximately 15 years or more in conjunction with solar power. Solartech Overberg also supplies and installs solar geysers and panels with five-year warranties that provide energy savings of up to 40% and are SABS approved. Added to the list of products are heat pumps for alternate hot water production. Remember, when you chose Solartech Overberg you chose no more price hikes, no more power failures and no more power surges because solar power is the sustainable future!

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“Going GREEN is your responsibility, getting you there is OURS!”

Harness The Power Of The Sun

Why go solar? The answer is easy! Because it works, and the sun does not send you an electricity bill! 

While South Africans face load-shedding and ever-rising electricity costs, the country is ideally located to harness some of the highest levels of direct irradiance on the planet! By installing a Solsquare solar system you can reduce your energy costs drastically, and save money.



Solartech Overberg offers the following products and product-related services:

Solar Water Heating Systems

Locally manufactured B energy-rated geysers that have 50mm insulation and thermal flat-plate panels are installed. Various configurations are available depending on your requirements and site specifics that include on-roof thermo-syphon, split-in roof thermo-syphon and pumped systems. Dedepending on the age of the geyser, a retrofit of existing geysers with thermal solar panels is possible. Geyserwise controllers allow the customer to set times and electrical heating parameters from a display panel.

Solar Power Systems
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A full range of solar power systems, including solar panels, inverters, charge controllers, solar batteries and top-of-the-range monitoring systems is available. Among them is Victron,  a high quality leading inverter charger manufacturer from Holland, with a 50-year track record. These inverters can be used for backup power for load shedding and can have solar panels connected to them with charge controllers to reduce the use of Eskom power. These systems are modular and can be expanded over time. Monitoring and control devices connect all the hardware components and allow customers real-time online viewing and control of their system. Fronius is a leading Austrian grid-tied inverter manufacturer that has collaborated with Victron with its software integration to allow stable and seamless performance in hybrid systems. They can also be used independently for grid-tied solutions without battery backup, usually in commercial properties.

System Services 

The following services are included with all systems:

  • Consultations (on-site)
  • Analysis of needs
  • Cost proposal
  • Supply
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Maintenance (annual)
Solar Systems

Solar Systems

Solartech Overberg offers the following solar systems:

Solar Power and Backup

Total energy independence is within your reach with a Solartech solar power system, engineered to meet your energy needs during the day, and even at night.

Solar Geysers

In South Africa, the most widely used solar hot water system is the indirect thermosyphon system. This system uses the heat exchanging fluid to heat water, rather than heating the water itself. Solartech has a variety of tried-and-tested solar water heating systems for your unique home requirements.

Heat Pumps

Heat pump water heaters are twice as efficient as electric water heaters. They move heat rather than make heat, just like a refrigerator, but in reverse. By pulling heat from the surrounding air and transferring it at a higher temperature into the tank to heat your water, it is super energy efficient for both home geysers and swimming pool heating.

Solar Pumps

Solar pumps are a reliable and sustainable way to ensure water supply without relying on grid power. The advantage of solar pumps is that it is not dependent on a backup battery system to operate but instead achieves autonomy using water storage during the day.

Four Steps to Solar

Four Steps to Solar

When you chose Solartech Overberg as your suncatcher you can relax as they take you through the process in four easy steps.

Step 1

A solar expert will monitor the amount of energy you use over time to establish your households energy profile. This enables Solartech to take a closer look at your energy-use patterns. A solar solution will then be designed to suits your needs. Sophisticated simulation software quantifies the exact performance of your system and the savings offered, using weather data specific to your location.

Step 2

Depending on your system choice your payback will be between three and six years. Solartech helps you understand the payback period of the recommended systems before you commit so that you can make an informed investment in solar energy.

Step 3

Solartech purchase all components from reputable suppliers and top-end manufactures to ensure longevity and the highest possible return on investment.

Step 4

During the site meeting, your roof's integrity will be checked and then a customized solution will be quoted. Once the quote has been accepted, work will commence.



The Solartech Overberg team answers the most frequently asked questions related to the services and product-related services on offer.

Can I install a solar water heating system if I live in a very cold area?

Solartech recommends an indirect solar water-heating system in colder areas where it is common for temperatures to drop below 0°C. A special anti-freeze liquid is circulated through the solar collector to transfer heat, instead of water, which may freeze and lead to system damage.

Does a solar water-heating system require maintenance?

Solartech recommends that your solar water heating system be serviced annually. The service should include a components check, pressure test and flush. Servicing your system will ensure that it maintains its efficiency and provides benefits throughout its lifetime. Solartech offers a tailored maintenance plan to solar water heater clients.

Can the solar water heater be placed in the ceiling, or must it go on top of the roof?

Solartech understands that you may have specific needs around the aesthetics of your property and offers a variety of installation options.  The solar geyser can be installed in the ceiling of roofs with sufficient pitch and pumped for roofs with a lower pitch.

How much does a solar water heating system cost?

Solartech charges approximately R22,000 for a 200-litre direct solar water heating system. This includes the cost of all the components, consumables, and installation cost. 

Do I still get hot water on cloudy days?

Solar water heating systems have an electrical backup element, which will switch on during cloudy days, or in the evenings to ensure that you always have hot water on demand. Solsquare systems also come standard with timer switches which allows the solar water heating system to maximize the solar contribution during sunshine hours.

How many years will my solar power system last?

A system that has an annual service and is properly installed should last between 15 and 20 years.

Can I power my entire home or business from a solar power system?

Nothing is impossible with solar energy. Once efficiencies have been put into place, the only limitation for energy generation is space. To be fully independent of your electricity provider, you will need to invest in a battery backup system that can power all your essential appliances at night or during load shedding times. All of Solartech's systems can be upgraded over time to be off the grid.

How much does a solar power system cost?

A 3kW Solsquare solar power system will cost approximately R55,000 which includes the cost of all components, consumables, and labour associated with installation. 

Does a Solar Power system require maintenance?

Solar photovoltaic panels require little to no maintenance. It is, however, important to place panels where they will remain clear of shade and debris, so you may need to trim trees and bushes and wipe them off at times to ensure that the system maintains its efficiency throughout its lifetime.

Can I feed electricity back into the grid?

This depends on which municipality you fall under, who provides your electricity, and what type of meter you have. Solartech is knowledgeable regarding the various tariff structures in place across South Africa and will advise you accordingly so that you can benefit from “Feed-in” initiatives.

What sort of payback period is there on solar power?

Many factors influence the payback period of your solar power system that include tariff structures, hardware, climate and usage. A residential grid-tied system without batteries will have a payback of between three to seven years. Solartech provides a payback period calculation to you at the firm quotation stage so that you can see the savings benefits of solar and make an informed decision.



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