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Ubumnandi Spring Festivity

Ubumnandi Spring Festivity
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From : September 30 2017 12:00

To : October 01 2017 12:00

Ubumnandi Festival is a Famous Festival initiated by a well-known and trusted Entertainment Company in the Overstrand (Blue Sky South Africa). We have taken the Festival on another level, we are bringing you a new Annual Outdoor Experience called Ubumnandi Spring Festivity that will occur every year between September & October.

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  • (20)
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This year we are bringing you the long awaited and most Anticipated Festival that have been under planning for nearly 3 Years now and we happy to finally put in on action by bringing it to life, this Festival will be the answer to prayer of all the Overberg Residents as well as Tourists who come to Hermanus during Spring for Vacation, Whale Watching, Shark Diving etc.

Ubumnandi Spring Festivity will be running for 2-3 days in Spring every year from this coming September.

This high profile Festival provides an opportunity for youth in different art codes to showcase their talent and skills for a big crowd of people and supporters from all over the country. The applicable art codes at this present moment are Music, Photography, Videography, Graphic Designs, Entrepreneurship, Drawing etc. Local Artists will have an opportunity to showcase their talent to the people attending the Festival and show them what they are good at, Local Musicians will perform on the same stage as their role models, inspirational or favourite Celebrity Artists which will open up opportunities for them to be seen by big profile Artists & Brands we work with.

On this specific Event, apart from our previous events we are allowing the whole family members to be together and enjoy our family friendly Picnic and we have various other types of Music Performances than the usual DJ Performances that everyone is used to, we saw a need for this as we wanted all Artists from different music backgrounds to have an opportunity to perform on the Festival as well as open up opportunities to all Artists as well as to draw attention from other people who love different types of music than House Music to also attend the Festivals. The selection of Artists that will perform/ partake on the Festival will be responsibility of the Organisers/ Organising Entertainment Company helped by the followers or attenders.

Proceedings from this event are going to be used to build a DJ, Music Production & Shooting Studio for Blue Sky South Africa Music Academy that have been running without any quality equipment and a space for the Music Classes, the Academy is scheduled to Officially Launch and Open in 2018. Some percentage (portion) of the proceedings from our Event will go to charity through our Educational Programmes and hosting Charity Events focused on helping the Needy Children, Poor, Disadvantaged, Disabled, Old People and most important Students in need of Studying Fees, Studying Equipment etc.

Are you ready to celebrate a beginning of your new life, while creating memories that you and your friends will never forget, memories that you will forever cherish and remember and talk about for years.

We are excited and ready to bring you a very exciting and very unique experience to make most of those moments that last forever- the moments that will take and lead you to the place of freedom, excitement and extreme happiness. We want you to celebrate all you've archived at the best place possible and forget all your previous life worries.

With an attendance record of between 250- 750 people each Festival in few months back, Ubumnandi Festival have seen from 750- 2500 happy people ever since it was founded in March 2016 until our most recent Festival in December 2016, its very difficult not to have fun or have the time of your life at Ubumnandi Festival.

With the warm night sky above you, Ubumnandi Festival guarantees you the most amazing fun and experience with the dopest and freshest Artists and the latest- hottest music!

With the lighting crew coming straight to you from the galaxy, and dance floors built by the beautiful Bushes surrounded by the beautiful Atlantic Ocean, the awesome and perfect Fun Land is created for you.

The music and great vibes will be hitting your soul from all angles, so prepare yourself for a series of unforgettable moments and fun.

Artists Lineup

  • Opening Bands - Fusion of Genres
  • DJ Performances - House
  • DJ Performances - Hip Hop
  • Live Performances - House
  • Live Performances - Hip Hop

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