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Every Child Deserves A Future

Child Welfare South Africa (CWSA) Kleinmond is a branch of the nationwide, non-profit umbrella company Child Welfare South Africa. Every day, thousands of children in South Africa suffer neglect, abuse and abandonment. CWSA Kleinmond knows that abuse in any form leaves long-lasting effects on the many children unfortunate enough to be victims of such crimes. Under the CWSA Kleinmond umbrella is Overstrand Child & Youth Care Centre. There, children between the ages of six and 14, who have been sent by court order, are placed in a safe and loving home environment and receive their education from the local school. Also under the CWSA Kleinmond Banner is KidsCan! (an afterschool centre), Bambanani Baby Creche, Pikkewyntjies, Siyabulela and Heideland (four early childhood development centres). Together these five institutions form CWSA Kleinmond, and together they seek to better the lives of children in the Hangklip-Kleinmond district.

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Child Welfare South Africa (CWSA) is registered as a child protection organisation. They are the central coordinating organization representing 164 child welfare affiliates, 30 developing organizations, 25 outreach projects and 206 communities across the breadth and width of South Africa. Each of the before-mentioned organisations, affiliates and programmes strive to help children who have suffered abandonment, neglect and abuse. CWSA collectively reaches two million children and aims to better the lives of every single one of them.


CWSA Kleinmond continuously seeks to reunite the children in their care with their biological parents. In cases where the parental issues that resulted in the child being sent away are resolved, the child is asked to stay with his/her parents.   

Alternatively, the child is placed with a family member for two years while the parent(s) undergo a parenting program. CWSA Kleinmond continuously monitors the progress of the parents and the well-being of the child.

If all else fails, the child will be placed in the Overstrand Child & Youth Care Centre. Two registered social workers are based in the CWSA Kleinmond offices and one in the youth care centre.

16 Days of activism

16 Days of activism is a campaign against the physical abuse of women and children. The campaign facilitates:

  • Organization of soft marches
  • Conversations with the community
  • Distribution of brochures
  • Candle ceremonies
  • Talks with kids
Pikkewyntjies, Siyabulela and Heideland

Pikkewyntjies, Siyabulela and Heideland are early development pre-schools that form part of the Child Welfare South Africa Kleinmond group. They accommodate children between the ages of three to six years old in a stable and loving schooling environment. The pre-schools teach the children crucial life skills and provide their parents with ongoing support.

Bambanani Baby Creche

Bambanani Baby Creche is an early development educare centre under the Child Welfare South Africa Kleinmond umbrella. The creche promotes early childhood development until school-going age at which point the children will start their schooling careers.


For more information about KidsCan! click here.


Day after day social workers across the country must deal with social issues that burden the lives of children in South Africa. Child Welfare South Africa Kleinmond’s social workers undertake numerous tasks aimed at bettering the lives of children in need of social and developmental assistance in the Hangklip-Kleinmond area.

Programs and services provided:

  • Child abuse prevention programs
  • Parenting skills development programs
  • School Holiday programs
  • Community-based information sessions on the Children’s Act
  • Therapeutic and development services for at-risk children  
  • Children’s court enquiries
  • Facilitation of parent support groups
  • Facilitation of support groups for parents dealing with substance abuse
  • Referrals to rehabilitation services
  • Reunification services

Every rand CWSA Kleinmond makes is spent on the children to provide them with a safe and caring environment. If you wish to make a donation contact them directly to play your part in brightening up a young child’s future.



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