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Creative Steelworks is a Kleinmond-based steel fabrication company specializing in creating bespoke steel products. The highly experienced team work with their client’s images, drawings and sketches to create handcrafted and unique steelworks tailored to accentuate your home, style and character. Custom braais, gates, furniture, steel doors and burglar bars can all be made to your specification. In addition, Creative Steelwork also provides residential maintenance and installation services. From fixing your wall sockets to installing CCTV cameras, Creative Steelworks can not only create one-of-a-kind products but can also keep your home in tip-top shape.

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Creative Steelworks has a range of steel products that can be custom made and tailored to each client’s specific needs. Products include but are not limited to:

  • Gates
  • Burglar bars
  • Steel doors
  • Braais
  • Steel and wood benches

In addition, Creative Steelworks offers a convenient service that restores damaged antique steel furniture.

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Installation Services

Creative Steelworks offers a range of installation solutions to homeowners in the Overberg. They offer but are not limited to the following installations:

  • Electric fencing
  • Gate and garage motors
  • Intercoms
  • Basic electrical installations
  • CCTV cameras

Maintenance Services

Creative Steelworks also offers a wide range of residential maintenance services. To find out more about their maintenance services contact Creative Steelworks directly.  

Advantages Of Steel Furniture

Advantages Of Steel Furniture

Decorating your new home or redecorating a home you’ve lived in for years is no easy task. You want your new decor to reflect your personality, and perfectly embody your taste and style. One way to stylize your home is with steel furniture. Here are five advantages to decorating your home with steel furniture:

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  1. It's easy to clean. Depending on if your steel furniture has added elements like glass and wood, steel is hands-down one of the easiest surfaces to dust off, wipe down and soak up.
  2. It doesn’t harbour many pests. Little critters like mites will have a hard time making a living on a cold and hard surface like steel.
  3. Steel lasts long. With the proper care, steel furniture can last a lifetime.
  4. If something does break, depending on what it is (bolts, nuts etc.), it can easily be sourced and replaced, or be repaired by a skilled metal fabricator.
  5. It’s pet-proof. Many steel and metal household items are scratch and chew resistant.
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