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Gluten intolerant and health-conscious people see Desert Banquet as a blissful Oasis in the Desert of processed food. This Kleinmond based speciality bakery is fast becoming the most sought after provider of wholesome and flour-free products in the greater Overberg area. Bakery owner Christo Blom and his assistants are happily baking their way toward their vision of being able to offer consumers healthier alternatives to fast-food. The emphasis is on quality above quantity, and care is taken to use non-irradiated spices, no artificial colourants or taste enhancers, and free-range produce wherever possible. The product range includes delicious, ready-to-eat, quiches, schnitzels, pies, pizza bases, wraps, strudels, sweet tarts, savoury crackers and cheese straws. Desert Banquet sell to the general public as well as to restaurants and shops, on a pre-order basis.

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Christo Blom has a background in hospitality that traces its way back to when he was a little boy of only seven years old. Young Chris would be first to arrive home from school in the afternoons and would have to begin with dinner preparations. This is where his passion for healthy cooking began.

To this day Chris still uses his mother's giant mixing bowl to mix the delicious pastry dough in the Desert Banquet kitchen.

Product List

Product List

Product Range & Introduction Price List

  • Savoury Crackers - PKT - R21.50
  • Savoury Crackers Mini - PKT - R6.75
  • Cheese Straws - PKT - R16.00
  • Cheese Straws Mini - PKT - R9.25
  • Mini Pizza's Bacon & Cheese - R9.50
  • Bacon & Cheese Quiches - Each - R13.00
  • Roast Veg Quiches - PKT 8 - R25
  • Roast Veg Quiche Med - Each - R12.50
  • Feta & Spinach Quiche - PKT 8 - R27.00
  • Feta & Spinach Quiche Med - Each - R14.00
  • Feta & Spinach Quiche Large - Each - R43.00
  • Four Seasons Quiche Large - Each - R49.50
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  • Sausage Rolls - Chicken - PKT 6 - R27.50
  • Spinach & Feta Pies - Each - R15.00
  • Chicken Pies Free Range - Each - R16.50
  • Mini Chicken Pies Free Range - Each - R8.00
  • Venison Pies - Each - R17.50
  • Mini Venison Pies - Each - R8.50
  • Curry Veg Pies (Vegetarian) - Each - R15.50
  • Grassfed Beef Pies - Each - R19.00
  • Sausage Rolls - Curry Beef - Each - R33.00
  • Crumbed Chicken Strips Per KG Raw - R105.00
  • Chicken Schnitzels Per KG Raw - R130.00
  • Chicken Strips Cooked Per KG - R120.00
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Image 2
  • Pizza Bases - PKT 3 - R30.00
  • Wraps - PKT 3 - R18.00
  • Mini Apple Strudels - PKT 6 - R26.00
  • Milk Tart - PKT 6 - R16.50
  • Milk Tart Large - Each - R30.00
Did you know?

Did you know?

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Over time, the immune reaction to eating gluten creates inflammation that damages the small intestine's lining, leading to medical complications. It also prevents absorption of essential nutrients which can result in malabsorption syndrome.



“These are literally the best gluten-free pies, quiches, etc. I have ever tasted. Christo Blom, owner of Desert Banquet, is a genius!” - Amelda Grieve
“Just love all the goodies. Thank Heavens there is finally someone in the Overberg supplying good quality Gluten-free products!!” - Debora Booyens
“The pies are to die for and must be shared with a friend. Five-stars.” - Tim Riordan



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