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Digit Overstrand is a security company based in the Overstrand District, covering the Western Cape region, specialising in vehicle tracking solutions and property surveillance. Via its DigitWeb app, available on Playstore, clients can use the Digit Fleet Management System to monitor and control their vehicles. This state-of-the-art technology includes route tracking and remote immobilisation features. For businesses in the logistics sector, Digit Overstrand offers fleet and fuel management solutions, providing real-time insights into fuel levels and theft detection capabilities. Interior and exterior CCTV audio-visual equipment used enhances the surveillance of vehicles. Committed to community safety, Digit Overstrand is an accredited installer of Ajax Security Systems for homes, businesses, and commercial properties. With a focus on innovative technology, Digit Overstrand remains a trusted partner in safeguarding assets and enhancing security measures.

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Digit Overstrand started in 2017. The company forms part of Digit Vehicle Tracking, one of South Africa’s vehicle tracking companies.

Franchise owner Eloise Wallis and her team pride themselves on the personal yet professional relationships that Digit Overstrand has with its clients. 

Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking 

Digit Overstrand’s DCut vehicle tracking device is a uniquely designed vehicle tracking immobilisation solution. 

DCut puts you in complete control of your vehicle. Here’s how it works:

Usually, once hijackers have acquired their target, they remove and destroy standard trackers within seconds. With DCut vehicle tracking units, and once the tracker has been forcibly removed the DCut unit will automatically immobilise the engine, making it impossible for the criminals to drive any further. If your vehicle is moving and needs to be recovered, the DCut unit can be activated remotely to shut off the engine and bring it to a safe stop.

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Fleet Management

Fleet Management

Digit Overstrand understands that your fleet and its drivers are the most important aspect of your business. Ensuring that your employees are safe and working efficiently is of top priority, that’s why Digit Vehicle Tracking offers clients the following fleet management products and services: 

Verified Live Tracking

Digit tracking systems will consistently confirm how old data is to ensure that you are viewing the real-time locations of your fleet. With verified live tracking you can oversee all your vehicle’s journeys with live confirmation of where they are and at what time. 

Multiple vehicles can be viewed simultaneously during live tracking and the system operator can be immediately notified when one of the vehicles enters or leaves predefined zones. 

Audio-Visual CCTV Cameras

Digit Vehicle Tracking offers video and audio surveillance solutions whereby operators can monitor the interior and exterior of the vehicle around the clock so that no illegal stops, pick-ups and offloads are made. 

There is live monitoring from anywhere in the world via the mobile app. 

Furthermore, camera footage can be used for liability claims and insurance purposes in the event of an accident. 

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Fuel Management

Fuel Management

Digit Overstrand has developed a fuel management solution for enterprises that want to monitor the rate at which vehicles and storage facilities use fuel. The ingenious DFuel monitoring hardware and software allow the user to closely monitor fuel levels of specific vehicles and storage tanks, 24 hours a day in real-time. It also provides updates on request. 

The DFuel units can report each vehicle’s fuel levels while in transit and record when fuel stops were made. The units also send an alert in the case of fuel theft. 

DFuel static fuel tank systems are designed to assist businesses and enterprises that store large volumes of fuel on the premises. Farms, mines, production plants and construction sites can remotely monitor their fuel tank levels via the Digit Tracking software. DFuel units can monitor tanks that store up to 65,000 litres of petrol or diesel.   

DFuel Units - Key Features
  • Accurate delivery (make sure the amount of fuel you ordered is accurate)
  • Theft notification (SMS notifications are sent when fuel is being stolen) 
  • Live monitoring (live reporting on your fuel levels)
  • Programmable sensors (recognises odd-shaped tanks) 
  • Multiple readings (sensors placed in multiple tanks can provide a collective reading)  
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Ajax Security Systems

Ajax Security Systems

Digit Overstrand is an accredited installer of Ajax Security Systems for homes, businesses and commercial properties.

Ajax Security Systems are centred around an independent control panel or hub, and their capabilities are expanded by adding sensors, control and automation devices. 

  • Alerting the security company and owner to trespassers and break-ins
  • Messaging the security company and property owner about smoke or the start of a fire
  • Warning the security company and property owner about water damage or a flood
  • Controlling devices such as keypads to disarm or disarm the security system
  • Works in conjunction with key fobs and panic buttons to control the security system and quickly call for help at the touch of a button
  • Signal repeaters to expand the coverage area of the security system
  • Power security systems
  • Connect to third-party surveillance cameras, smart household appliances and plugs from your mobile phone
  • Minimalistic security devices that allow for ease of use on any property
  • Protection by a tamper button that activates an alarm when an attempt is made to open or damage the device
  • Option to connect to a security company’s control panel for professional control
  • Multichannel communication with the outside world allows the security system to work via wired Internet, GSM (sim card 2G or 3G), and Wi-Fi. If one of the communication channels becomes unavailable, the control panel will switch to the correct communication method and send an alarm
  • Data exchanged between the alarm central, sensors and other devices of the security system is protected by encryption from interception, scanning and forgery
  • A control panel that constantly polls the alarm sensors (every 12 seconds). In the event of a sensor failure, the user and the security company will be aware of the incident in time.
  • Easy to manage device control with an app for PCs and smartphones
  • Sends an alarm only after checking the received data to minimise false sensor alarms
DigitWeb App

DigitWeb App

Digit Overstrand’s DigitWeb app is available on Playstore. 

How it Works

Digit Fleet Management System allows all DigitWeb clients to track and monitor their fleet from their mobile devices.

All you have to do is sign in with your Digit Web username and password to enjoy exclusive app user benefits. 

Download DigitWeb App Here



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“This review serves to commend, Eloise Wallis, an employee of Digit Overstrand for her outstanding service. She has a unique blend of expertise and interpersonal skills. She is always friendly and goes the extra mile. We highly recommend her and she is an asset to any company.”  Charmaine Poole



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