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Epic Beyond Ordinary is a Kleinmond-based company that engages with families on a journey that stretches from birth to early adulthood. Company owner, Leslie van Zyl offers three programmes, Epic Little Ones, Tall Trees Profiles and Evergreen Parenting. Epic Little Ones is an early-developmental programme that is focused on the reasoning that infants, babies and toddlers up to the age of two years old can sponge up information. Leslie provides parents, nannies and teachers with colourful, safe tools and activities which they can use at home to help their little ones develop holistically. Leslie’s second initiative is Tall Trees Profiles, where the focus lies on analysing relationships within a family. After which she facilitates conversations with the goal of having each member of the family gaining a deeper understanding of each other. Epic Beyond Ordinary’s third offering is Evergreen Parenting which is a parenting course that helps parents master the skills of becoming a great parent through weekly workshops and/or monthly club meetings.

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Epic Little Ones

Epic Little Ones

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Epic Little Ones is a fun and creative early-learning programme that Leslie van Zyl has created to aid mothers, nannies and teachers support infants cognitive, language, emotional, social and physical development. Once a month Epic Beyond Ordinary brings participating parents and schools a colourful box full of fun tools and activities, as well as a weekly program planner to help conduct the activities.

The Epic Little One's programme can be used from birth up until the child has reached three years of age and should be conducted five days a week, for five to seven minutes per day. The program is designed to develop the following skills:

  • Language
  • Social
  • Emotional
  • Fine motor skills
  • Movement
  • Tactile
  • Problem solving

The comprehensive activity box contains a treasure trove of activities such as, but not limited to:

  • Storybooks
  • Dress-up dolls
  • Beanbags
  • Playdough
  • Buckets and spades
  • Building blocks
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Evergreen Parenting

Evergreen Parenting 


Leslie van Zyl is an accredited Evergreen Parenting facilitator and her workshops focus on providing parents with the skills that challenge most parents. Each participant gets a course book, and in each workshop and club meeting, three topics are explained and discussed. The workshops take place every Saturday but if that is too frequent there is also a parenting club that meets on a monthly basis.

The parenting workshops and club meetings will help you deal with the following:

  • Emotional and immature behaviour
  • Accidents
  • Irresponsibility with money, tasks, time and privileges
  • Attention seeking behaviour
  • Misbehaviour towards others
  • Manipulation
Tall Trees

Tall Trees

Leslie Van Zyl is an accredited Tall Trees facilitator and works with families to help them strengthen their bonds by analysing each member of the family. To do this, each participating family member fills in their individual Tall Trees Profile which is then analysed to create a growth plan. The one to two-hour growth plan is then presented to the participating family members to show them how to move past the strains in their relationships.

The following courses are provided by tall trees:

  • Leadership Courses
  • Marriage Courses
  • Parenting Courses
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