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For top-quality biltong and cured meat products in Kleinmond, visit Jan Biltong t/a Suidwes Biltong. Jan Biltong t/a Suidwes Biltong’s tried-and-tested secret recipe is sought after by biltong lovers from around the globe. Whether you prefer your biltong moist, sliced wafer-thin or chopped into “lekker” juicy bite-sized chunks padded in a generous layer of tasty fat, Jan Biltong t/a Suidwes Biltong gets it just right! Also available are all your favourite biltong products with flavourful droëwors and boerewors leading the pack. For your added shopping pleasure, Jan Biltong t/a Suidwes Biltong stocks a range of handmade salt, spices, raw honey, free-range eggs, homebaked rusks, cooldrinks and doggie treats. Jan Biltong t/a Suidwes Biltong has outlets in Hermanus, Strand and Somerset West, delivers throughout South Africa and offers a 5% pensioners discount every Wednesday.

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Established in 2009 as Suidwes Biltong, the well-known Kleinmond biltong shop was rebranded as Jan Biltong t/a Suidwes Biltong in 2022.

A Bit About Jan

Jan Biltong t/a Suidwes Biltong was born and raised at the foot of the Maloti Mountains in Lesotho, where his father taught him the family meat drying techniques using meat hunted in the area. At that time, they had to make do without fridges and preserved the meat in a cement cooler. Jan grew up with this tradition and refined his skill to prepare meat and biltong. The yellow fat biltong was a favourite snack during his family's coastal vacation and their holiday neighbours and friends swooned over the deliciously meaty treats. This inspired Jan to continue his father's legacy and share it with fellow biltong lovers. 

Celebrating a meat air-drying tradition that spans more than 400 years, Jan and his team remain true to the principles of supplying excellent biltong products that are a favourite with everyone from around the world, especially South Africans. 

Biltong & Biltong Products

Biltong & Biltong Products

Jan Biltong t/a Suidwes Biltong is all about top-quality biltong and biltong products that are sustainably sourced.

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  • Beef Biltong
  • Wagyu Biltong
  • Kudu Biltong
  • Springbok Biltong
  • Bacon Biltong 
  • MSG-Free Biltong
Biltong Products
  • Mixed Selection Droëwors
  • Droëwors
  • Safari Bites
  • Biltong Blades
  • Biltong Sticks
  • Cabanossi
  • Salami Sticks
  • Biltong Powder
Salt & Spices

Salt & Spices

Jan Biltong t/a Suidwes Biltong stocks a range of handmade salt blends and spices that are free from MSG and preservatives. 

Salt Blends (shakers and grinders)
  • Magic Cool Salt
  • Magic Hot Salt
  • Magic Health Salt
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Spices (grinders)
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  • Roasted Coriander
  • Garlic Flakes
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Sea Salt 
  • Himalayan Salt (pink)
  • Black Pepper 
  • Salt & Pepper Mix 
  • Himalayan & Pepper Mix 
Deli-Style Products

Deli-Style Products

Jan Biltong t/a Suidwes Biltong stocks a few added extras for your shopping pleasure.

  • Boerewors
  • Raw Honey (250g bottles and 1kg tubs)
  • Free Range Eggs (trays of 15 and 30)
  • Homebaked Rusks
  • Bashews Cooldrink
  • Coca Cola
  • Grapetiser (red and white)
  • Bottled Water
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Doggie Treats

Doggie Treats

Jan Biltong t/a Suidwes Biltong stocks natural, non-toxic doggie treats made from biltong and droëwors.

This nutritious product is made from all the delicious biltong and droëwors offcuts that are too small for doggie owners.

Spoil your pet with premium quality treats today!

Pensioners Discount

Pensioners Discount

Wednesday is Pensioners Day at Jan Biltong t/a Suidwes Biltong (and all other Jan Biltong outlets).

Pensioners Discount: Get 5% OFF all your favourite products in-store!



Jan Biltong t/a Suidwes Biltong in Kleinmond is part of the Jan Biltong group that has shops in:

  • Hermanus
  • Strand
  • Somerset West
Ever Wondered

Ever Wondered 

Jan Biltong t/a Suidwes Biltong answers some of the most asked biltong-related questions.

Q - What exactly is Biltong?

A - Biltong is a lean meat which is salted and dried in strips.

Q - What does the word Biltong mean?

A - The word Biltong is derived from the Dutch words ‘Bil’ (Buttock, meat) and ‘Tong’ (tongue, strip). So roughly interpreted, ‘Strip of meat’!

Q - Is Biltong healthy?

A - Biltong is high in Vitamin B12 and has fewer kilojoules than most snacks so is a healthy alternative when you are feeling peckish. 

Q - What is the difference between Biltong and Jerky?

A - Biltong originates from South Africa and Jerky from North and South America

Q - Do Biltong and Jerky taste the same?

A - Biltong is hung and air-dried over time and can be wet (rare), medium or hard (well-done), while Jerky is cooked and then dehydrated in a short space of time, resulting in an overall dryer product.  

Q - Is it acceptable to buy Biltong as a gift for someone?

A - Gifting a Biltong-lover with a package of biltong or biltong-related products from Jan Biltong t/a Suidwes Biltong, is just about the best gift they could hope for.



“The biltong at Jan Biltong t/a Suidwes Biltong is the best I've had since Slivers.  I will without a second thought, drive from Cape Town to Kleinmond for my biltong. The service is also excellent and the staff is friendly. I've been buying my biltong from them for a few years now.”  Karin Bissolati
“You have no idea how delicious Jan Biltong t/a Suidwes Biltong Wagyu biltong is until you slice a piece off and savour that marbling between the meat, it is a taste you will not forget.”  Dewald Greyling
“This is hands down the best Biltong! I encourage you to prove me wrong. I generally review a place with a set methodology from staff, premises, quality of food and so on however, all I can say is do yourself a favour go to Jan Biltong t/a Suidwes Biltong and taste what I am talking about!”  ZS Chetty
“Jan Biltong t/a Suidwes Biltong has the best biltong on this planet! The bacon slices are amazing!” Sean Bulcraig
“Baie vriendelike mense by Jan Biltong t/a Suidwes Biltong! Lekkerst, biltong en droewors.” Elrie Hugo



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