KabelJoe's Seafood Restaurant

Blog: Kryvis Festival: Kleinmond

Published: 14 April 2017
By:Hardus Lategan

The third annual Kryvis Festival will once again be hosted by KabelJoe's Seafood Restaurant in the quaint and vibrant Harbour Road, Kleinmond. We will be kicking of the winter school holidays with a colourful and exciting celebration of seafood and the coastal lifestyle.

KabelJoe's will create a vibe for the entire family and something to do for everyone. Sushi / Seafood / Beverage Promotions and live rugby in the tent as well as a fishing competition with R8000.00 cash prizes and many lucky draws. 

At the same time, we pride ourselves in involving and showing off our community with local beauty pageants (Junior girls 6-11), cooking competitions (Best Kerrievis Recipe) and family entertainment (wine tasting, beverage promotions, live rugby in a beer tent and ANTON GOOSEN performing live). These competitions are not merely recreational, but we hope to be able to use our marketing platforms to spotlight the talent in our community.

And while our seafood theme means seafood in abundance, the festival is incredibly vigilant and serious about responsible fishing and goes through a lot of trouble to promote sustainable fishing, supporting SASSI and vocally raise its voice against poaching.