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Our practice is based in the lovely seaside town of Kleinmond, a stone’s throw away from the whale watching capital of the world, Hermanus. In the old days we used to have an office in Gauteng, which means we still travel there once a month to tend to ongoing projects. It also affords us the opportunity to meet up with clients living up country who owns properties down at the coast. We have been practicing for over 20 years and although our training wheels are off, we still love what we do.

Our core focus on is private residential homes and residential housing projects. We use fancy programs like Revit so that we can create 3D models enabling you to see the building rise out of the ground on screen before it is realized on site. This makes the design process intuitive, allowing us to prototype your project before it is built. It makes the construction process easier by eliminating mistakes that were hidden from sight in the old two dimensional pen and paper drawings. All this makes for a better and more economical project.

The benefit of having practised for many years is that we have formed lasting relationships with professional consultants within the industry. We are therefore confident that we can guarantee the quality of the final product.

Please feel free to check out our portfolio of projects, like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram to see what we are up to. The best would be to call us so that we can meet up to discuss how we can be of value and assistance to you.

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Gideon Schoonraad established Schoonraad Architects in 2003. He opened his Kleinmond branch in 2009 when he moved to the Western Cape. In the 20 years that Gideon has been practising as an architect his passion for creating homes hasn’t abated.

Project Management

Project Management

Over the years Schoonraad Architects have built up a good working relationship with builders, engineers, building inspectors and designers. This means Gideon Schoonraad can effectively offer an optimal project management service that begins with the design phase and ends with the official handover of the keys. This service includes direct dealing with the contractors and administering of the projects on behalf of the client.

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The Process

The Process

To ensure a completed structure that is fit for purpose, Schoonraad Architects follow the following process:

  • They establish the design brief with the client
  • They conduct site inspection and analysis
  • They design concept and preparation of freehand sketch plans
  • They review and develop the design
  • They prepare the building plans with computer aided design software
  • They submit the plans to Homeowners Association for approval if required
  • They acquire consent of adjoining owners if required for encroaching onto building lines and overlooking of first floor balconies
  • They appointment of an engineer takes place if required
  • They finalize the plans with input from other consultants
  • They submit the plans to local authority and receive approval thereof
  • They send the plans out to tender
  • They award the building contract to a suitable contractor
  • They commence with construction
  • They attend Inspections by local authority at the various stages specified in the approval documentation
  • They prepare ‘as-built’ drawings if changes were made to the design during the construction phase
  • They submit  ‘as-built’ drawings at local authority for approval
  • They attend final inspection and receive the certificate of occupation issued by the building inspector
  • Schoonraad Architects then hand over the key and the building can be legally occupied by the owners



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