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Wine Barrel Creations is a woodwork fabrication company creating bespoke furniture and homeware articles from repurposed wine barrels. The company gives clients the opportunity to make their homes truly unique with a range of lovingly handcrafted pieces ranging from the ever-popular bar stool to wonderfully made wooden box carts. Wine Barrel Creations follows a philosophy of sustainable living which is why most of the materials they use are recycled. They also sell wormy bins, a specially designed refuse bin that breaks down biodegradable waste and turns it into compost. Moreover, the company creates early developmental playground equipment that focuses on the development of children’s motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Wine Barrel Creations can deliver their products to your home and has three outlets: Route 44, Kleinmond Laser Cutting and their workshop at Mthimkhulu Village Centre.

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Wine Barrel Creations has been operating since late 2010, and since then has been creating bespoke, handcrafted, high-quality woodwork furniture and home decor articles. The company continually seeks to create new products and innovate not only in the field of woodwork but in sustainability as well. A large majority of their raw materials are recycled, or as they call it “upcycled”. At the heart of their work is the need to better the environment by recycling used wine barrels and wood, and also helping the youth develop their motor skills and hand-eye coordination through their playground equipment.



Wine Barrel Creations has three outlets that house their unique handcrafted wine barrel pieces. Stop by at any of the following outlets to get your hands on a Wine Barrel Creations original.



Wine Barrel Creations offers customers a wide variety of high-quality products in a variety of sizes made from well-aged wine barrels. Products include but are not limited to:


  • Tables (4-seater, 2-seater, tasting, bedside)
  • Table trestles  
  • Chairs (cottage, folding, lounger)
  • Bar Stools
  • Lampstands

Catering & Decor

  • Shelves
  • Multi-function racks
  • Patio trollies with crate and tray
  • Baby cots
  • Wine coolers
  • Boards (carving, pizza, cheese, bread)
  • Lazy Susans
  • Ice bucket stands
  • Trays
  • Crates
  • Fruit bowls
  • Biltong Slicers 
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  • Luggage racks
  • Towel racks
  • Artist’s easels
  • Tree support stands
  • Plant baskets (wall mounted, suspended by chain, with stand)
  • Toolboxes
  • Armillary Sundials
  • Lattice Fencing
  • Paddles
  • Oak Smoke Shavings
  • Oak Smoke Staves
  • Formula Wine Karts
  • Trikes
  • Tealight stands
  • Door Stoppers
  • Woodbutter



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