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Annie Pigott is a Napier-based artist that specializes in painting beautiful and awe-inspiring paintings on silk. In addition to silk painting, Annie is trained in oil, tempera and watercolour painting and is well versed in mixed media artwork. Throughout her life, Annie has travelled across the globe where she mastered six specialised silk painting techniques and then went on to develop her own unique woven silk technique. Annie’s travels have led her to work under the guidance of several specially trained artists, one of note is a Chinese master of silk artistry. To date, Annie has had three art exhibitions in Germany, had three art galleries and has sold over 2,970 paintings. Annie Pigott is also an experienced art teacher - she previously presented a course to teachers from 14 schools in Cape Town on how to teach art to their learners. Additionally, Annie taught art to children in numerous countries around the world. She now runs her own full-time art school and teaches art daily upon request. Annie’s classes have a variety of art mediums to choose from and have a minimum age requirement of five years old.

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Annie Pigott’s artistic career was sparked by her father very early in her childhood. Annie’s father was a highly skilled architect who designed everything from small homes to large schools. Her father enrolled her in extracurricular art classes where she was taught by an amazing teacher who opened her eyes, ears and heart to the world of art. Annie’s first piece of art she created was an insect tree, a sprawling tree covered with beautifully colourful insects each more unique than the last.

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Annie Pigott has a particular passion for passing on her knowledge and helping less fortunate children. That is why Annie started her very own art school centred around helping people find their artistic voice. Annie has years of experience teaching art. She taught extramural art in her Cape Town studio for 15 years, conducted art courses for teachers at 14 schools in Cape Town on how to teach art to the youth and taught art in numerous countries such as the USA, England, Italy, Belgium and India.

Annie Pigott is also a versatile artist, capable of creating a variety of different artworks such as landscape, abstract, still life, modern, portraiture and mixed media. Annie has had three exhibitions in Germany, had three art galleries and to date, has sold over 2,970 paintings.

Art Classes

Art Classes 


Annie Pigott opens her doors and heart to anyone who wants to learn the art of drawing and painting. Annie’s art classes encourage exploration - she believes that each individual should find their preferred art medium naturally and intuitively while she serves as their guiding mentor. Students can choose between a variety of materials to paint and draw with, and also have the option to do to mixed media artwork.

Annie Pigott Art Classes are taught daily from the morning until the afternoon upon request. Adult classes are held in the mornings and kids classes in the afternoons. Additionally, Annie also offers holiday art workshops for kids and painting holidays for adults during weekends. Annie Pigott Art Classes have a minimum age requirement of five years old.

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Peace Chandelier

Peace Chandelier

Annie Pigott and a group of students from her art class have undertaken a great project. Named The Peace Chandelier, Annie and eight kids from underprivileged homes have taken to creating a large chandelier from white clay, white feathers, peace doves, crystals and much more. When the project has been completed Annie will put the completed chandelier up for auction, the proceeds of which will go to the eight kids involved in The Peace Chandelier's creation.

If you wish to view or purchase The Peace Chandelier, contact Annie Pigott directly for more details.

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  • Annie had her first solo exhibition in Germany.   (1986)
  • Annie was commisioned to do 10 silk paintings for the Marine Hotel in Port Elizabeth. (1986)                                                              
  • Annie’s "Fantasy On Fabric" exhibition was a resounding success. (1987)
  • Had her "The Four Seasons" mixed Media exhibition. (1988)
  • Annie was commisioned to do 56 paintings for The Tulbach Hotel. (1989)
  • Had a huge order to paint 20 Silk Paintings for the Marine Hotel in Port Elizabeth. This brought Annie Pigott numerous commissions for restaurants, offices, bed and breakfasts and private homes. (1990)
  • Taught at the National Art Gallery in Port Elizabeth. (1992)
  • Commissioned to paint 102 paintings for the Tulbagh Protea Hotel in Cape Town. (1993)
  • Travelled for a year through Europe visiting ten countries and studying various master’s works from each country. Annie loved Florence, Prague and Arles. (1994)
  • Annie opened the Annie Pigott Art Gallery in Noordhoek, Cape Town. She was invited to auction one of her largest paintings by Earl Spencer (The late Princess Diana’s brother) in order to raise money for AIDS. (1995)
  • Annie moved her Gallery into the Noordhoek Farm Village. (1998)
  • Annie visited Brussels to study Oil Painting by the Old Masters, and she exhibited and taught Japanese children to paint on silk. (1999)
  • Annie had the pleasure of living for one year on the beautiful Island of Sicily, Italy. Here she discovered her passion for Tempera Painting. She wrote and illustrated her book "Bella Sicilia" and taught Italian children art in her 400-year-old Villa. (2000)

Annie has: (2000 - Now)

  • Been running her own full-time art school in Noordhoek, Cape Town.
  • Been commisioned for numerous painting for individuals and hotels.
  • Sold five paintings to a hotel in Dubai.
  • Exhibitioned in the VO5 art gallery in the Cape Quater, Cape Town.



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