Welcome to the village of Napier

Once only known as a pit stop for weary travellers, Napier has blossomed into a town of many sights and sounds. Characterized by big open plots on which you can find houses plucked right out of the history books with their beautifully preserved architecture, this is where you will find true country living.

The area is home to large farms that produce fields of vibrant greens and yellows and hills of bleeting sheep to entice your senses. The main road is always bustling with activity and the town’s folk always friendly and willing to lend a hand. And although it was shaped by its humble Afrikaans heritage, the town has opened its doors to new ideas and a thriving artsy culture.

The small village is everything you would expect from a village tucked away between rolling hills of wheat and barley and more. The main road is lined with various helpful businesses and places to eat, while just up the road you will find public services such as the Municipal buildings and Police Department.

Napier is truly a picturesque little town, providing you with beautiful scenery, easy living and anything else you would need. Shaped by history, but not burdened by time, this is where your heart longs to be.