Guiding You Through Your Golden Years

After years of hard work and making sure your family is well taken care of, your golden years should be spent resting, relaxing and having a whole lot of fun. Huis Klippe Drift in Napier is a fully registered retirement home offering the wisest among us comfortable long-term residency. The home has a number of accommodation options that can either be bought or rented. The in-house sickbay has 13 rooms that are monitored by a team of medical assistants. At Huis Klippe Drift, residents enjoy perks such as three wholesome meals per day, a laundry service and regular movie screenings. The highly-qualified and experienced staff at Huis Klippe Drift are more than capable and willing to assist the home’s residents with anything they might need and are guaranteed to treat grandma and grandpa with the respect, love, and affection that they deserve. Huis Klippe Drift has a frail care unit and has a 24-hour emergency doctor on call.

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When you’re young you spend a lot of time taking care of others so it makes sense that during your golden years, you should be the one being spoiled and taken care of. Huis Klippe Drift offers their residents the following services:

  • Meals
  • Cleaning  
  • Laundry


Huis Klippe Drift offers a number of different accommodation options that include:

  • 10 apartments available to purchase
  • 11  apartments available for rental
  • 24 rooms available for rental

Amenities include:

  • TV
  • DSTV
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Medical Facility

Medical Facility

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Huis Klippe Drift has a modern and well-equipped sickbay with 13 rooms that are closely monitored by a team of medical assistants. In the case of serious emergencies, Huis Klippe Drift has a 24-hour emergency doctor on call.



Huis Klippe Drift has a range of activities their residents have the option to participate in. These include but are not limited to:

  • Twilight Songstress Practices (can sit and listen or join the group)
  • Weekly Bible study
  • Exercise
  • Movie screenings
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