Omega Consulting Africa (Pty) Ltd

Project management focussed on civil, forensic and structural engineering.

Omega Consulting Africa (Pty) Ltd is a Napier-based civil engineering consultancy company. Spearheaded by Kent Georgala, Omega Consulting Africa (OCA) provides professional consulting and engineering services to clients in numerous industries looking for solutions to complex engineering problems. Services include Civil Engineering; Structural Engineering; Forensic Engineering and Project Management. Kent has over 35 years’ worth of experience and is an accredited professional engineer and construction project manager. OCA works in tandem with their contractors to produce requested results in an efficient, timely and cost-effective manner. Omega Consulting Africa (Pty) Ltd offers their services to clients around the globe.

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Officially registered by the sole proprietor, Kent Georgala, Omega Consulting Africa (Pty) Ltd (OCA) has been providing professional consulting and engineering services to clients around the globe since 2015.

Kent and his hand-picked group of associates have been involved in numerous projects and project developments in the telecommunication, mining, energy and property industries. The modern company believes in empowering communities through community involvement and has close ties with organisations who share those same values and actively participate in community upliftment projects in Southern Africa.

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

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Based in Southern Africa, Omega Consulting Africa has committed themselves to provide professional and specialized civil engineering services to countries on the African continent and beyond. For OCA, delivering efficient, targeted and cost-effective civil engineering services is paramount, and as such, the company has fostered close relationships with numerous organisations and enterprises in the construction sector. In conjunction with a hand-picked team of associates, Omega Consulting Africa provides governments, municipalities and private organizations with the best possible civil engineering services


  • Project management, construction administration and monitoring.
  • Design of internal and external township services in urban and rural environments (stormwater management systems, road networks, etc.).
  • Project planning, detail designing and procurement.
  • Bulk earthworks (addition, moving and removal of soil and rock) for building structures, commercial and industrial facilities.
Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering

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Omega Consulting Africa offers clients a number of specialised professional structural engineering services. The company is able to provide these services through an extensive network of associates, each personally chosen by Kent for their cost-effectiveness and high quality of service they deliver. This allows OCA to provide their clients with service excellence for less. OCA is able to formulate specially designed solutions to complex structural engineering problems. 

Services Include:

  • Project management
  • Site investigations
  • Feasibility and economic viability studies.
  • Foundation design
  • Planning and structural engineering design.
  • Occupational health and safety and quality control.
  • Forensic services
  • Contract negotiation, documentation, implementation and administration.
  • Specialized advice for clients.
Project Management

Project Management 

Omega Consulting Africa, alongside its associates, delivers fully rendered project management services for all stages of the construction process. Moreover, their construction management encompasses projects of all sizes and levels of complexity and Omega Consulting Africa is involved throughout the entire construction process. Intricate construction contracts involving multiple projects and contractors are overseen by OCA to ensure construction is done in a cost-effective and timely fashion. Additionally, Omega Consulting Africa can offer project management services for parts of a larger construction contract.
Project Planning & Development

Project Planning & Development 

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Constructing large, complex and heavy structures not only takes detailed designs and highly skilled builders but also meticulous, step-by-step planning on how the structure will be built. To assist, Omega Consulting Africa provides project planning and development services. What is more, OCA seeks to contribute to the sustainable development of the of the African continent through green project planning and development solutions.


  • Identification and prioritization projects for communities, funders and developers.
  • Creating feasibility studies and reports.
  • Liaising with funding institutions and agencies.
  • Documenting master plans and contracts.
  • Scoping and developing final projects.



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