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Overplant Hire & Transport is a Napier-based heavy-duty machinery rental company servicing the entire Overberg region. Owned and run by Jacques de Lange, the company has a wide selection of machinery and transport available for hire. Overplant Hire & Transport has two diesel digger loaders and a 12-ton rollback truck equipped with a winch and heavy duty rollback cable. The rollback truck can be used to move most types of plant machinery such as digger loaders, shipping containers, large generators, cars and anything usually transported by flatbed truck. Additionally, the company offers a range of services that include clearing, digging and loading. Vehicle hire includes an experienced machinery operator and fuel costs. Jacques and his team strive to provide clients with superior and well-maintained machinery while at the same time delivering top-quality customer service with a smile.

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Jacques de Lange and his team are committed to providing builders, farmers, contractors and developers with high-quality, heavy-duty machinery for small to large scale commercial and agricultural projects.

The machinery and vehicles at Overplant Hire & Transport are well-maintained and are serviced regularly.



Overplant Hire & Transport offers a range of heavy-duty machinery for commercial and agricultural construction that includes:

  • Two diesel loaders (operators and fuel included)
  • 12-Ton rollback truck with a winch
  • Heavy duty rollback cable
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Overplant Hire & Transport has a range of services that builders and homeowners can use to make their construction and home improvement projects go a little smoother. These include but are not limited to:

  • Digging
  • Earthmoving
  • Clearing
  • Levelling
  • Foundations
  • Loading
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Hire Rather Than Buy

Hire Rather Than Buy

In a world where you can get anything you want with a simple tap of a finger the need to buy and own things have drastically decreased. This is especially true in the building and construction industries. Here are three reasons why you should rent equipment rather than buy:


As your business grows you can just rent equipment and machinery rather than having to take out loans to buy them.

No need to maintain the machinery

Idle machinery still needs to be maintained so let the owner of the machinery fit that bill.

Saves space

Large machinery takes up a lot of storage space. By renting only when you need it you can save space and keep your work site efficient. 



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