3 Reasons why you should rent equipment

3 Reasons why you should rent equipment

Overplant Hire & Transport


In a world where you can get anything you want with a simple tap of a finger the need to buy and own things have drastically decreased. This is especially true in the building and construction industries. Here are three reasons why you should rent equipment rather than buy:


  • As your business grows you can just rent equipment and machinery rather than having to take out loans to buy them.

No need to maintain the machinery

  • Idle machinery still needs to be maintained so let the owner of the machinery fit that bill.

Saves space

  • Large machinery takes up a lot of storage space. By renting only when you need it you can save space and keep your work site efficient.   
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3 Reasons why you should rent equipment

Overplant Hire & Transport

Overplant Hire & Transport is a Napier-based heavy-duty machinery rental company servicing the entire Overberg region. Owned and run by Jacques de Lange, the company has a wide selection of machinery and transport available for hire. Overplant Hire & Transport has two diesel digger loaders and a 12-...

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