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Tip Of Africa Nursery in Napier is a plant nursery that grows a few different type of plants that we fancy. There is a wide selection of leafy beauties such as clivias, succulents, bulbs and selected strains of oriental orchids that are ready and waiting for you to take home to your garden. Nursery owner Etienne Kriel will best advise you on planting methods to help you establish your water-wise garden. Etienne has extensive knowledge in everything from seed germination to urban vegetable farming and added to that is his deep passion for clivias. Tip of Africa Nursery is home to a clivia stud that cultivates different and highly unique plants which Etienne sells mainly to collectors. Furthermore, the nursery grows healthy, unsprayed hydroponic strawberries and vegetables for the Moerse Farmstall with which they share premises.

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Cultivating Clivias

Cultivating Clivias

Clivia pollination happens every spring when the plant blossoms. A year later the clivia seeds are harvested and are planted.  It then takes between three to nine years for a clivia plant to reach adulthood.

Here are some tips to ensure that your clivias will reward you with beautiful blooms:

  • Clivias enjoy light shade and don’t do well in direct sunlight. They grow especially well in beds under shady trees as the fallen leaves act as mulch.

Clivias use the nutrients from mulch that covers the ground to grow so their roots are never deeply set. Humid soil should be high in organic matter or compost with high levels of potash and phosphate.


Clivias flower during spring and early summer three to four years after planting. Don’t over-water them, once a week during the growing season and even less throughout the remainder of the year will suffice.

Serious about Succulents

Serious about Succulents

Succulent plants have juicy leaves and stems that store water for long periods of time and come in an array of shapes, colours and sizes. Here are some tips for your indoor and outdoor succulent gardens:

Soil and Water

Succulents need infrequent watering and the soil needs to dry out before being soaked again. To achieve this you will need porous soil that drains well.


Succulents need plenty of sunlight to grow but can suffer from sunburn in summer. Try for morning sunlight with a bright shade in the afternoon. If you have indoor plants place them in areas where they will receive bright light for most of the day.


Succulents are super easy to propagate which means it is easy to increase your succulent garden by merely removing leaves from existing plants and popping them into damp soil.

Moerse Farmstall

Moerse Farmstall


Enjoy Overberg country living at its best when you are welcomed to Moerse Farmstall with heaps of small-town hospitality. The delicious wholesome farm-fare includes set meals from their blackboard menu and quick on-the-go snacks to take away with you for ‘padkos’. Moerse Farmstall makes everything fresh and sells all your farm stall favourites such as preserves, freshly baked bread, biscuits, rusks and hand-crafted gifts. Added to this is a convenient catering service that is perfect for small and large events. Take a look at Moerse Farmstall here.



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